Maintenance mode Bridge seems not to work

(Deadlifter) #1

I like to use Nuki on Homey and therefor i need to get the token from the bridge. But i’m not able to set my (or it doesn’t recognise) bridge into maintenance mode. I pushed the button on the bridge over 10 sec and the led is flashing and the app is trying to connect but every time i get the error that their is no maintenance mode found on the bridge.

Can someone explain me how to proceed?

(Unknown) #2

I‘ve the same problem. It blinks but the nuki app claims its not in maintenance mode. I wanted to check the firmware version as mentioned in the other thread in this bridge beta forum.

(Deadlifter) #3

Maybe @Stephan can step into this tread to help ?

(Unknown) #4

Do you have the new or old hardware revision of the bridge?

(Jürgen Pansy) #5

Are you using the iOS or Android app?

New or old hardware revision?

(Deadlifter) #6

It’s a brand new Nuki (one week) and running on the latest beta firmware

(Jürgen Pansy) #7

It’s not about the Nuki, but the bridge.

New or old?

iOS or Android?

(Deadlifter) #8

It’s a new Bridge but i can’t access the detail by the app on iOS

(Jürgen Pansy) #9

Does rebooting the phone solve the issue?

(Deadlifter) #10

i will try but i can’t understand why rebooting the phone can solve it. But i will try now

(Deadlifter) #11

I did reboot the phone and tried it again. But after the message connecting to the bridge i get the same error again that there was no bridge found in maintenance mode @Juergen

(Unknown) #12

I‘ve a new bridge (sn starts with 15) and latest iOS Beta App. Dis-/Enabling Bluetooth didn‘t help either.

(Jürgen Pansy) #13

If you go to testflight and download previous build 2.1.0. Does it work?

(Deadlifter) #14

There is no previous build on Testflight

(Unknown) #15

There is. Click on the symbol of the app and on previous builds.

I‘ll check when get home tomorrow.

(Jürgen Pansy) #16

@fvhuizen if it works with the old build, please activate debug log in the app (menu > help), go into manage bridge again, close it, update to the newest testflight build, open manage bridge again, close it and send the log (menu > help) to


(Deadlifter) #17

Okay, got it that worked, but now i can’t connect to Homey, probably the HTTP request which are still disabled @XeroX

(Deadlifter) #18

I did, but must be magic or so :slight_smile: now i can access the bridge with the latest iOS version.

(Jürgen Pansy) #19

You need to have firmware 2.1.36 or higher. See HTTP-API for hardware-revisioned Bridge available as Beta

But as far as i know there is a new integration written by Homey themselves using the Nuki Web API and not the bridge API. No token needed for that.

(Jürgen Pansy) #20

Great. Please still send the log, as it will help us to find the cause for this behaviour.