Maintenance mode Bridge seems not to work

(Deadlifter) #21

I did @Juergen and managed to connect to the app in Homey. Thanks for you’re help so far.

(Unknown) #22

Will send you the Logs tomorrow. Hope I can reproduce.

(Stephan Lendl) #23

Good to see it is working.

And, yes, Homey made a new integration with our Web API in January:

(Deadlifter) #24

@Stephan that’s correct thats the API from Athom it selves, but that one is drowning the batteries. But there is also an other API which preventing the batteries. This one is on Github

(Stephan Lendl) #25

Yes, I know this one (they promoted it before they did their own one).
The Web API integration should not drain the batteries though.
So, thanks for the feedback; I will try to get back to them to see if there is an issue!

(Deadlifter) #26

My batteries where drained in one week. So I quit the Athom Nuki app and installed the one from a community member from Github

(Unknown) #27

I‘m still not able to connect to the bridge with 2.1.0 nor 2.1.3.

Logs submitted.

(Jürgen Pansy) #28

Thanks. We had a look at your logs, but don’t have an immediate solution. Can you please try to connect with a different iOS or Android device and check if it works?

(Unknown) #29

Hello Juergen,
thanks for checking the logs. I will try another iOS Device (using stable iOS) 12.1.4 iPhone 8. Right now its iOS 12.2 Beta 2 on iPhone X. Will send you the logs tomorrow.