Lupusec XT2+to control Smart Lock 3

I have two Smart Locks (SL) integrated into my Lupusec XT2+ (FW 3.5l)

The first SL is Version 2 with FW 2.11.9 and can be controlled by the XT2 without any problems.
The second SL is a new Version 3 with FW 3.0.40 and is connected and seen at the NUKI-Bridge as well.

It is also listed as a sensor in the XT2, but no commands are executed from the XT2.
When one executes a command in the XT2 (like close, open etc) the error message comes up in the XT2: Operation failed (Operation fehlgeschlagen).

I have done a new installation of the SL3, the bridge and the integration of the bridge into the XT2.
The error remains!

Any idea ? Anyone with the same/similar issue?

PS: the status (locked/unlocked) is correctly shown in the XT2, but you can not switch the SL from the XT2 …

Most likely the Lupusec integration still misses the deviceType handling (see Nuki Developers) which would lead to only lockactions for default deviceType = 0 (SL 1.0/2.0) going through.
This needs to be adopted on their side (if the cause) to work with Nuki Opener/Smart Door/Smart Lock 3.0.

Quick update here:

With the latest FW update (see Nuki Bridge Firmware Release notes (public releases)) we have improved the handling to automatically fallback to known IDs for missing deviceTypes to ensure automoatic general compatilibity.
So this should work now for you even if Lupusec has not provided an update to their integration yet.

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Lupusec has not even replied to my mails …
Therefor I appreciate very much your progress!

Is there a “simple” way to accelerate the FW update? The bridge is currently on 2.11 …

Thanks a lot!

The bridge automatically checks for a FW-update 1 hour after restart and then all 24 subsequent hours.

And you can also manually trigger a check via the Bridge API with
/fwUpdate (see Nuki Developers)

EDIT: Just got noted that 2.11.0 is indeed the newest version and 2.12.0 was just a typo :wink:

I can confirm that with bridge FW 2.11 and Lupusec XT2+ FW 3.5K both SmartLocks 2 and 3 can be controlled by the XT2. There are also confirmation messages back to the XT2.

For the SL2.0 there is now an error message: “Operation fehlgeschlagen”, but it still works as under bridge FW 2.10
The same error message disappeared now from the combination SL3 under bridge FW 2.11

To be sure i understand you correctly? There is a new, incorrect(?) error message for SL 2.0?

The error message only shows up in the Lupusec App when switching the SL 2.0.
No error with the SL 3.0.
Think it is a n issue Lupusec has to address …

On the NUKI side everything is ok!

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There is a new problem with Lupusec.
I have implemented a NUKI Door Opener (configurated for a garage door = simple switch) into the NUKi-App and everything works fine. FW = 1.7.3
The Opener is also connected to the bridge FW 2.11 and is seen in the Lupusec XT2 together with a SL 3.0.
The SL 3.0 works fine with XT2 but the Opener does not. It receives a signal from the XT2 (indicated by the LED) but the contact is not closed. There is only a confirmation message that the lock = opener was switched. Looks like a similar problem we had with the SL 3.0 …
Can you take a look at it?