Logs in app and web are not the same

Dear support,
I’m trying to check remotely if our employees really do not come to office.

Users in the web interface have been split again (one user “added by web”, and the “same” user as a different entity again as “added by app”); but:

I see a user in the web interface, not showing a permission for one smart lock, and the last entry in the log is Jan. 31st. Well, she has been locking and unlocking that smart lock almost daily ever since, and the app also shows her last activity some days ago, which is correct.

Where got that information lost in the web interface? From what I see there, she shouldn’t even have access to the lock anymore?

update: that happens for most of the users, randomly for the smart locks, I don’t see any pattern who/where.

Please work on trust, not on new features.

If this is the issue described in:

this should already be fixed. Did you recently merge the split users and it happened again or may this still be left over from the original synching problem?

I just connected the users again; One of them now has permissions for each of our two locks twice (so I see 4 permissions…?)

We’ll see how long it stays that way

It just happened again. I’ve merged users from “added via app” to “added via web” really often now. Logging in again and:
All users exist as “added via web”, but with no permissions at all, and for each user there is one entry with permission for our first location, and another duplicate user with permission for the second location.

Should I merge the users again for the 100th time?

Thanks for getting back again. As I wrote I was in the opinion that this has been finally fixed, so I will investigate again what could still cause this issue for you.