Duplicate Users repeatedly appearing in Nuki Web

We now have a setup with three locks, three bridges and approx. 20 users in our office space. All users have been created straight in Nuki Web, received invitations and accepted them. They can operate locks as intended.

Unfortunately, we have had multiple occurrences over the last few days when users were duplicated in Nuki web, now showing once as “Via Nuki Web hinzugefügt” and also once or multiple times as “Via Nuki App hinzugefügt”. I can then manually merge them back together, but they will split again after a few minutes or hours. Is there any way to prevent this? Deleting and re-inviting all users is not really an option to avoid inconveniences.

Sorry for flooding this forum with my requests, but we’re currently evaluating Nuki for a large roll-out and your great support helps a lot. Thank you!

Sounds really strange. Can you check the devices user management via Nuki App if the user are also doubled there or if it just a displax problem?
Best send me results and IDs of the effected devices via PM so I can check tomorrow in the office and get back to you.

Hi Stephan, thanks for the quick reply. Display in the app is fine (each user showing only once for each lock). Will send over a bunch of IDs tomorrow morning via PM. Schönen Feierabend!

Hi Joshua,
thanks for rising that question, since we are here having some questions too.

To Stephan: Why is there a differentiation between the people added by the Nuki Web vs Nuki App? We had the same users twice and needed to erase all and start again.
On top of it, it seems that the User-Managment system makes differences between “NukiWeb” Users (so who can manage the NukiWeb infos) and the Smartlocks/NukiApp Users (who can enter). Why not having Users, independtly how they have been added (by App or Web).

Could maybe clarify the situation.


Because it enables two different kinds of usage for the device:
A “user added via Nuki App” is more or less only an authorization on the device with the other key on the connected App. You need only set an username for that; no personal information needed.

If you want to manage users via Nuki Web or use integrations/automations we need an additional e-mail address for the user to offer services and be able to connect those authentications from different devices to one single entity.

Because in our security concept, this is not the same. An authorization is not just connected to a user/password combination as this would prohibit us to offer this usecase with our security and data privacy standard.

On the other hand you can still use a “Nuki Web user” as an access method (via Nuki Web on most devices/browsers) and even give different scopes of access there, if you want to.

Are your questions in any way connection to the initial problem of duplicate users shown in Nuki Web? If not I would like to split it in a separate topic.

Yes and no: it is connected to the duplicate users. Yes, because it one might get duplicated users. No, because I personally there is a way around.

Security concept: I understand the difference of “just a user with no special rightrs”, though not having to give its email address. Therefore, why not being able to create a new user by the app, and add (if needed/wanted) the email to give more rights (incl. confirmation by email for privacy reason)?

In the end, the biggest concern is connected as well with the management with AirBnB, since the “Nuki Admin” role is not a full role.

Thanks again for your explanations.
It made us a much harder time as necessary, while it would have been easier if everything could have been by the App in the case of adding new Admin-User. Again, it’s nice to be able to have different authorization, please don’t differentiate if done by Nuki Web or App. To take the example of a family: who will be the owner of the nuki web? The wife or the husband (just to have simplified example).

Best regards

We have the same issue here. We have 6 locks, 2 bridges and 70 Fobs. If we merge the Fobs (Via Nuki App hinzugefügt) with the web user it seems to work but 1 day later all the merged users are splitted again.

What can we do?


As this keeps happening and I grew a bit tired of manually re-merging, I created a very simple Node script that does the job, using the Nuki Web API.

Feel free to grab and use your copy: https://github.com/joshuajung/nukitools

Beware: This merges based on user names alone, which can obviously be ambiguous. In general, use at your own risk. :slight_smile:

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I have exactly the same problem: Over night (really without any interaction) users are duplicated. I now have 4 users for one that I added. This leads to a lot of problems:

  1. It is a mess to change permissions for the very same user in many profiles.
  2. We loose any overview about permissions, since we don`t know which profile contains which permissions.
  3. If we search for transaction of a person, this transactions might be in another profile with the same name.

Even though I very much appreciate the tool to regularly clean up user account, I wish from Nuki to find the core error and fix it.


Issue seems to be fixed, didn’t happen again for a while. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I recently reset my account and got our two Nukis replaced (thanks!). I then added all of our employees clean via web, so creating a new user + email, then granting them permission to our two Nuki Locks.

after some time I see each user split into two: one for each Nuki. So is there a solution, except using joshuas script?


Hi @uli!

The issue described above should’ve been solved for long time now. So could you send me some screenshots via PM from where you see the duplicate entries?
As you said you initially created them in Nuki Web you should only see the aggregated “accountUsers” in the “User” section there.