Lock x minutes after last person has left home zone?

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock


Setting to auto-lock x minutes after last person hast left home zone


Add new feature which locks the door x minutes after last person has left home zone.
OR: Extend existing feature “Auto Lock” to lock only after selected minutes, when nobody is at home.


It would be very useful for that cases:

  • I don’t want that nuki locks my door when anyone is at home, so “Auto Lock” is currently disabled.
  • I don’t want that nuki locks my door, when I will be only away for a few minutes.


See above.


Hi, this is my first feature request. I am not sure, if I created and submitted it correctly.
Could you please confirm?

Hi Juergen!

Thanks for your input. This looks quite similar to an existing one?

(With the current feedback, that the Smart Lock does not know the position of all users.)

Hi Stephan,
thanks for that information. Yes it is the same request.
So that feature can not be implemented because the lock does not know the position of the users? Really?
But when one have a nuki bridge the app knows when last person leaves home zone and could lock the door x minutes after that. Or not? What exactly should there be a problem? Help me to understand please.

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Only if you have Smart Actions activated your App regularly checks the position for geofence events. And this information is only processed locally.

Yes, I have Auto-Unlock enabled.
So the nuki lock or bridge or app does know when the last user left home zone and could easily lock the door x minutes after that event.

So what is the problem? Why do you think this feature is not possible?

You can probably program this function yourself. You will need IFTTT (in combination with the Nuki door close trigger), Google Script to manage the minutes delay, Apilio to manage the checking of conditions and to call the Nuki lock door command. Also you and everybody in your household must use some app that keep track of everybodys presence.

Thanks, I have this functionality running since one year in an Apple HomeKit automation. Was set up quick and easily and working absolutely reliable. But I would prefer to have this function built in into nuki to work without any extras. That’s the reason why I created that feature request.

I still don’t understand if developers are trying me to tell, that this is not possible to implement and for which reason, or it will be implemented when there are enough votes and time?

Are you the only user in that system?

If you want it for one single user you can already do it within the expert settings of Auto Unlock by setting a “lock” action on geofence exit.

For multiple users, central position, detection is complex, but still possible. This is something we think can be done more easily and more accuratly on specialized systems, especially as we are trying to store as little personal data as possible on the Smart Lock and servers.

No, I am not the only person in that system. We are more users and it is working pretty fine.
Trigger is: “When last person leaves home”. -> Then wait 30 minutes -> If “Nobody is at home” -> Then lock door.
Very easy.

I can not use your described existing functionality, because like I described in my feature request, I do not want nuki to lock immediately when leaving home zone -> I want it x minutes after that event and nobody is at home at that time.

You don’t need any extras to implement that! You have all needed information if all users have actived Auto-Unlock.
You know when last person leaves home zone and can start a timer of x minutes then. When the timer is finished nuki should lock if nobody is at home at that time. You can see that nobody is at home by checking if anyone arrived at home zone and did not leave home zone during the timer.
That easy.

So what exactly is the problem when you already have all needed information?

No, we DO NOT have this information centralized to use (as written above it is just used on the smartphone itself for Auto Unlock and Smart Notifications; this is different from Homekit).
And no, we do not plan to gather this information for data privacy reasons.

Why still have a feature request then?
Because it helps us to see demand for future improvements - also for things which can currently not be done, things we don’t want to do at the moment for certain reasons or things which may need more detailed thought the get doable.

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Ok, thank you. Now I do understand the reason.

But I think it would be easy to store on the bridge the information if any user is at home. Or ist that also not possible and not wanted?

Hello everybody,

I think this feature is essential for families. With us 6 people use the Nuki 2.0 we all go out one by one in 10 - 20 minute intervals out of the house. The castle is constantly closing and it has to be opened again.

That is absolutely unfit!


I think you can achieve this using IFTTT and Apilio. All users will need to add and extra app on their phone so IFTTT can know where they are. If you are okay with that I think this should not be all that hard to implement. If you need some help I will be happy to give some support.

That’s no good solution, if everyone needs an extra app installed.

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Thats no good idea and not secure. Unfortunately, I suspect that the Nuki team can’t implement this because they simply can’t. But you could just have a look at how it solves Homekit or Tado.

Good hint. Why can tado do it and nuki not?

It’s not about what you can do, it’s about what you dare to. Just think about what happens if it fails? With Tado it’s a 2 degrees higher temperature in your room for a few hours vs. with Nuki an unlocked door and potentially empty rooms when you come back home again.

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Are you serious? You mean that answer for real??
That much you trust in your developers’ skills?
What if other functions fail?? That question can’t be the answer, sorry!

And by the way: If it fails, the door is still closed and just not locked! I think nobody would use that feature at front or apartment door with door handle on both sides.

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This has nothing to do with developer skills.

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