Is there a way to get logfiles? Red blinking problem on Nuki Pro

For a few weeks now I’ve had the problem that my Nuki keeps blinking red permanently, it drives me crazy. I’ve read about the “blink codes” and tried all the options (recalibrate, charge battery, check door sensor), but the problems persist. The blinking also does not match any code (1x red or 4x red every X seconds) described on the support page. Instead it blinks totally random, sometimes very rapidly 5-7 times, sometimes it only blinks red once or twice between a few white ones.

I’ve tried the support, but they are very slow and couldn’t really help me yet. Thus my question is: Is there any way to pull logfiles from Nuki? They should hopefully show what the actual problem for the red blinking is, shouldn’t they?

PS: I know about the log within the app of course, but that does not show anything unusual.

Sounds like you activated debug mode.

When debug mode is active and “LED blinking when door is unlocked” is activate, the red LED does blink with every data packet which the Smart Lock receives via WiFi. Similar to a LED on a WiFi router.

Deactivation works the same way as activation:

Hello Jürgen,

thank you so much, that was indeed the solution for my blinking problem. I have no clue how I managed to activate that debug mode.

Quick note: The explanation on how to enable/disable it is not up to date anymore, as the app layout has changed. I manged to find a way to disable it, by just navigating to the device and tapping on the name 7 times, though.

Thanks again.