Is it possible to Inhibit auto lock if door sensor detects that the door is open?

Hi everyone,
By fitting the 4th generation SmartLock and the door sensor, is it possible to inhibit the auto lock function if the door sensor detects that the door is open?
Last night, after opening with the auto unlock function, the door remained partially open, but the auto lock function still commanded the closure, causing the door pistons to come out which almost detached the wooden profiles of the counter frame


Nuki doesn’t care if the door sensor reports open or not. The door will be locked anyway. Sadly…

I got the same answer from Nuki, but it is totally nonsense….
I asked (and hope…) for an upgrade.


Please seach the forum. There are several discussions around this and a feature request which you should vote for if you want to increase its priority:

Thanks, I already voted this.
Few days ago I got this answer from Nuki: “The reason for this is that a locked and open door is less dangerous than an unlocked and closed door”.
I really don’t understand what do they mean with this!
Where a locked and open door could be less dangerous than an unlocked and closed door?!
And for whom is less dangerous? Maybe, for the thiefs…
That answer looks similar to something that, here in Italy, we call “supercazzola”…

If you read through some of the comments that are linked to the feature request you will see that the behaviour stems mostly from the fact that the door sensor can fail and that it is safer in some cases (e.g. lock’n’go) to lock the door even if there is no update coming from the door sensor (i.e. it is still reported as open).

Some cases are also not easy to solve. i.e. What should happen if you have an automation that locks the door at 22:00 and the door is open for 1min, 5min, 1h, 6h.

If you don’t want an open door to be locked use Auto-Lock. Auto-Lock does only lock after a door has remained closed for a certain time period. i.e. it never locks an open door.

Thanks, I’ll try today, when I’ll be back at home, because I remember that I’ve already tried Auto-lock function, but, after the setted time, the door has been locked, even if it was open.
But it’s possible that I had some other options activated, I’m not sure.
Anyway, I’d just like that autolocking functions don’t risk to crash my door or my door lock.
I was tooking it for granted that auto lock functions were inhibited by door sensor.

Given Nuki supports Matter, you could in theory use Home Assistant and code the ‘auto lock’ feature yourself. I do this for a bunch of automations at home cos the manufacturers approach usually isn’t ideal

This was already possible with the 2nd and 3rd Generation. :wink:

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True. If anything, Matter reduces battery life!

Thanks, Gurmukh.
I’m not so expert about Home Assistant, but I’ll take a look to it.

I tried several times: I open the door with Auto Unlock function and I leave the door opened, but, when the timer engage the lock, it works even if the door is still open.

I was able to get this performing perfectly through homekit, using a non-nuki doorsensor (eve)

If eve doorsensor is closed, then perform task:

-wait 900 seconds

  • if doorsensor is (still) closed
  • if nuki state is unlocked
  • then close nuki

Thanks Steven!