iOS 14.6 shortcuts


I’m testing Nuki Beta 2.7.11 on iOS 14.6 and I’m not able to select the Nuki app in iOS shortcuts. I understand that the locks need to be in bluetooth range (what they are), but the Nuki app should be still available when creating a new shortcut.

In the iOS shortcut app I list all available apps but Nuki is not included there. The shortcut option is activated in Nuki app.

Widgets work fine btw. but I need the shortcuts for automations.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

I just looked again into my shortcut app and finally I am able to select the Nuki app and can choose my SmartLock.
Now, my only problem is that I can not select my opener for the house door (just the SmartLock for flat door).

Any ideas?


I am in beta 2.8.0 and do not see nuki in Shortcuts either.
I asked about support for the Nuki Opener in Shortcuts here
I am glad to hear it was available in beta even for a little while!