iOS 14.6 shortcuts


I’m testing Nuki Beta 2.7.11 on iOS 14.6 and I’m not able to select the Nuki app in iOS shortcuts. I understand that the locks need to be in bluetooth range (what they are), but the Nuki app should be still available when creating a new shortcut.

In the iOS shortcut app I list all available apps but Nuki is not included there. The shortcut option is activated in Nuki app.

Widgets work fine btw. but I need the shortcuts for automations.

Thanks in advance.

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I just looked again into my shortcut app and finally I am able to select the Nuki app and can choose my SmartLock.
Now, my only problem is that I can not select my opener for the house door (just the SmartLock for flat door).

Any ideas?


I am in beta 2.8.0 and do not see nuki in Shortcuts either.
I asked about support for the Nuki Opener in Shortcuts here
I am glad to hear it was available in beta even for a little while!

I also can’t see any app but inward able Ronald one of my two locks there through the recommendation section. But still no luck with the second lock. What is the trick here?

I have the same issue with iOS 15.0.2 and the latest Nuki App 2.11 (2146). The Nuki App isn‘t listed in the Shortcuts app. Tried to activate / deactivate shortcut support in the settings of the Nuki App, but shortcuts are still not available.