Improve Auto-Unlock (time between unlocks / battery saver)

Product name



Enable changing time between auto unlocks / disable auto unlock if battery saver is active


  • Add option to change the time between auto-unlocks in auto unlock expert settings. (e.g. 2 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 min)
  • Disable auto unlock if battery saver is active

Reason & Examples

In the expert settings of Auto-Unlock you can change e.g. the radius for geofence, but not the time between two auto unlocks (currently hard-set to 2 minutes). I had a lot of cases where I entered the flat with my roommate or my girlfriend and the door auto opened ~20 mins after we closed it, as one of their phones was currently either slow or in batterysaving mode. Yesterday, our flat door was open for around an hour when we were in the living room. Please let us change the delay and/or disable auto unlock if the phone is in batterysaving mode, otherwise we will all have to turn off auto-unlock as it’s a security threat.
I’d rather have auto unlock not working in a few cases when comeing home shortly one after another than having an open door without knowing.

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