Improve auto-lock feature


I raised a problem i have with auto-unlock (Problem with auto unlock). I have been suggested to raise a feature for this, so here i go…

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock


Improve the behaviour of auto-lock and auto-unlock functionality to activate only when the door has been open


At the moment, auto-lock works based on a time condition, it is, after 20 seconds it is automatically locked. The request here is to add two extra conditions to activate the auto-lock, which is to validate that the door has been open and closed.

Three conditions are needed to activate auto-lock
1 - Time condition (20 seconds by default)
2 - The door has been open after the auto-unlock
3 - The door has been closed after the auto-unlock


Sometimes it is annoying that the door is auto locked when you have not open your door yet, and you dont want the auto-lock to be triggered. The examples below can help to illustrate the improvement


Two clear examples here:

  1. I arrive to my house and pass with my car nearby the smart lock, so the door gets unlocked. While i park the car, open the boot and take my items, the auto lock has been triggered again as more than 20 seconds have passed, so it is not good.
    With the improvement suggested here, the auto-lock will not be triggered as the door has not been opened yet, so, i will open the door, close it, and then, auto-lock will be triggered

  2. I get close to the door with my shopping, so the auto unlock is active. I open the door, i start to get my shopping bags inside the house, and, as more than 20 seconds have passed, auto-lock is automatically triggered and it tries to lock the door while it is still open
    With this improvement, the auto-lock will not be triggered until i have closed the door again