Important feature request Geofence Auto-Lock

Dear Nuki Team,

I have the following request / feature request:

If there are several people in the household and one of the people leaves the Geofence area then the Smart Lock closes the door, this is super annoying.

Can you or your developer team please adapt the app like the manufacturer Netgear “Arlo” video camera system, so that if you have devices that are in the geofence area, that Nuki recognizes this and does not close the door.

If all devices are out of the geofence area, it should also close the door completely, this can’t be that difficult, many manufacturers have programmed this so it would be really helpful for Nuki. This is otherwise super annoying when one of the household leaves the area and closes the door although another person is in the household.

Would be very happy about an implementation.

This request already exists. Please vote for it here: