Auto-Lock when last user leaves the house/geofence

So what you want is a “Lock the door when the last person leaves” feature. Correct?


exactly, like that.

no one home dear locks itself, someone going home it unlocks etc

I was just about to suggest the same feature as I think many users (including myself) living in a household with more than 1 person would benefit from this.

@Damy010 Please adjust your title to something more related to the feature suggestion. Just naming it “Autolock/unlock” will probably not get much attention due to the fact a feature called like this already exists.

Maybe something like “Auto-Lock when last user leaves the house/geofence” would provide a better title for interested users.

I’m using this feature with HomeKit,
But I think too that’s will be great to be a native implementation :wink:

Not sure if it’s actually worth to replicate functionality that you normally want to be handled centrally.
If you are only having a Nuki lock in your house and other smart devices at all, that might be what you want. But as you probably have other devices from other vendors too, you don’t want to setup presence tracking within each of the islands. It might be okay for features like auto-unlock but when it comes to the leave functions, there is likely more to do than just locking your front door…

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this would be a cool feature since not all of us use nuki for apartment rentals and many of have have more than one member using the nuki lock, the first in last out feature would come in great handy

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The function as requested I have on my Arlo Pro IP-camera. Due to geofencing the camera knows if there are users inside the geofence. Once all users have left the geofence the camera will start recording once it detects movement or sound. This works very well. Hopefully you can integrate this in the Nuki SL 2.0 as well. Right now I’m not using this expert function and that’s a pity.

I would love to see that feature!
Any progress?

Actually, this is an important and indispensable function especially for families. The lock usually closes every time someone leaves the house and it has to be unlocked again when the next door closes and then it closes again. With only 3 or 4 family members that is totally annoying, generates high and avoidable battery costs and is still a security risk. Topic fire protection -> door locked!

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is there any solution for this problem?
have the same issue here.

thanks for your answer.

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Another thumb up for this feature! I actually think it’s a must!


@Team @Juergen has anyone looked at this problem?
this problem is known now for nearly two years and nothing happened.

this feature would be really great. At the moment it is very tedious when someone leaves, the door is always closed even though someone is at home.

such features are actually a must, like for example at philips hue the lights don’t go out when only one single person leaves the house and other people are still at home.

can you tell us, is this in your backlog or will you implement this feature in the near future?

thanks for your answer.


In my opinion, this can not be handled by nuki as nuki doesnt know who is home and and if people are stillt at home. Not everyone has a smartphone, especially young kids or some older people. I think only a full smarthome system can handle this, through smartphones, motion sensors, or cameras. Also you can either use complex conditions or scenes in a smart home system to handle this. Nuki just does not have the information needed.

Why not? Nuki is already recognizing if someone enters the geofence area as well as if someone leaves this area. It’s just a question of “counting”, at least for mobile phone users.


Why do you always lock the door after someone is leaving? My door is closed but not locked as long as somebody is at home, the last one pushes the Lock’n’go, then it’s locked.
In the evening it’s closed automatically by my smart home system but during daytime i keep it unlocked, makes life easier (Postman, Amazon deliveries, Pizza service etc). :grinning:


I think you don’t understand the use case.
I’m talking about people who are registered as user in the nuki app.

for example we are three people in our house, everybody has a phone with a nuki account.
so if one person leaves the house and two other are at home, nuki does not have to close the door.

I am also a programmer.
so this is very easy to check


  • Somebody (who is registered as user in the nuki app) leaves the house
  • nuki noticed that he is out of the predefined radius
  • this is missing: nuki should now check the users lists (except the one who was leaving) and check is at least one of these users still in the radius. If yes: do nothing else close the door.

it’s pretty easy, but I think you did not understand the use case.


the door closes automatically if someone forgets to press the button. that’s the reason why this function is active.

but like my philips hue system, the lights do not go out as long as someone is at home, although only one person has left the house. hope you understand the use case…

I understand the use case, but there are some assumptions to be taken into consideration:

  1. Everyone must have a smartphone
  2. Everyone must use the Nuki App
  3. Everyone must be connected to the internet
  4. Everyone must use the web api as this is the only way to track users at a central point

For example, in our household none of these apply.

ich glaube du verstehst auch deutsch.

also meine frage war ursprünglich komplett was anders.
eigentlich interessiert es in diesem chat niemanden, ob du oder deine nuki-user ein mobilephone haben oder nicht.

es geht hier darum, dass jeder ein phone hat (was heutzutage meistens der fall ist ausser bei dir so wie es aussieht), der der ein phone hat auch als user eingetragen ist bei nuki. sonst macht ja die ganze geofence keinen sinn.

also kurz gesagt, wenn nicht alle ein smartphone haben bei dir und auch nicht jeder ein nuki account. dann ist das feature nicht für dich gedacht und dann wäre ich froh wenn du nicht sinnlos weiter bemerkungen im chat hinterlegst, weil es nicht zur problemlösung führt.

danke dir.


Sehe ich ganz genau so wie Fidan.
Andere System die sich als “smart home” bezeichnen schaffe das ja auch mit Leichtigkeit und wehren sich da nicht sinnlos dagegen.
Siehe Philips hue oder tado, etc.
Wo ein Wille da ein Weg!

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