How can i Leave Beta programm

How can i leave the beta programm and go back to official Software?

If you want you can leave the beta program but unfortunately the firmware is not downgradable. I had tried to also ask to go out but, given the impossibility of returning to the official firmware, I gave up

I think when leaving the Beta status, you will stay on the Beta Software until the official software Version number will be higher than the beta version installed.

The Smart Lock firmware can only be updated and not downgraded. If you opt out from beta, no beta updates will be offered anymore for download and only official releases will show up. I.e. you basically stay in beta until you install the next official release.

OK. Thank you. automatic opening is currently not working. Hope there will be a new version soon.

How to opt out?
And how do I see the difference between beta sw and official releases?

Please read the release notes