Homekit doesn't work


I bought Nuki Combo 2.0 last friday on Amazon currently i was unhappy for several reasons:

  1. several issues to configure Bridge: after plugged it into A/C power the Nuki app (on iOS) was unable to find it; after several attempts i found a way to configure the bridge, I hope it works but i’m not very confident on it.

  2. Homekit was unable to find the smartlock: as with Nuki Bridge, I spent a lot of time to setup homekit because it was unable to find the smart lock. Currently I’ve configured the smart lock into Homekit but this always attempts to retrieve the status of the smart lock and doesn’t allow to me to control the smart lock: so i can’t use Homekit to control the smart lock

  3. Siri integration works only with bluetooth

  4. there isn’t italina guide/manuals/videos online to configure the devices.

Can you help me to configure my smart lock with homekit?

Please let me know.

Have you already contacted our customer support (via phone or at contact@nuki.io) for direct help?

This forum is focused on developer and Beta user related issues.

If you are already using Beta version with which you experienced the same issues please send a log-file with a short description of the problem and the exact time when it occured to our support team, so they can check the details of what happend.

Regarding italien guides you find a lot of ressources at https://nuki.io/it/supporto/, e.g.:


As said, if you still experience problems please contact our customer support for direct help.