HELP! Nuki opens the door when away

Earlier this week I bought a Nuki 2.0 smartlock. Installed and calibrated it and installed the bridge.
Installed the app on both my and my wife’s iphone (X and 6s). Set everything up and seemed to work fine.
Yesterday we both drove away together and used the lock&go funcion, when we drove of, a couple of block futher I get a Nuki popup message (in Spanish?? while installed in Dutch) that the frontdoor is open.
I checked before we left if the door was locked but I didn’t want to rely on that and drove back home and we found the door wide open!!
Locked it again and drove off again, since we had to drive 200km away it wasn’t a really relaxing trip because we constantly were wondering if our frontdoor was locked.
This morning I drove off (my wife stayed at home) but when I was around the same distance from home, my wife called me to tell me the door opened by itself again. So we decided to completely disable the auto-unlock feature.
But when I reached home I opened the door with the app (sliding left to right) and it opened. I closed the door behind me, but about 1-2 minutes later it unlocked by itself again.
Hope you understand this lock does not give us a safe feeling as yet!!!
Any suggestions?

Please send a log-file with a short summary or a link to your post here (and the exact times when openings occured) to our support team at, so they can check the details of what happend.

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