Google Home Integration

Google Assistant offers you another convenient way to control your Nuki Smart Locks. Using voice command, you can lock the door or access the protocol via your Google Home speaker. Routines allow you to link actions with each other and you can, for example, turn off the lights and lock your Smart Lock with a single command.


  1. Activate Nuki Web in the Nuki App.

  2. Say to your Google Assistant: “Talk to Nuki”.

  3. In your Google Home app, the icon “Link to Nuki” will now appear under “Other settings/services”.

  4. Select it, login with your Nuki Web account and allow Google Assistant access to your Smart Locks via Nuki Web

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As the Google Assistant and the Google home are now available in The Netherlands, do you think it will be possible to let Nuki work with Google Assistant in Dutch?

Hi Peter,

of course, we’re working on making our Nuki Action for Google Assistant available in as many languages as possible, including Duch! It will be available soon. :relaxed:

We’ll keep you up to date here in our developer forum, and you can also keep an eye on our Nuki Blog at


I’m considering buying Nuki 2.0 when it gets released. One of the main reasons is your smart home integration. As I understand, there is Google Assistant integration, which of course can be used on Google Home speakers. However, there doesn’t seem to native Google Home integration? Nuki isn’t listed in the “Works with google” services in the Google home app, unlike many other available services such as August. Native Google Home support makes it possible to just say “lock the door” instead of “ask Nuki to lock the door”. Native supported services are listed in the new control panel in the Google Home app, which gives easy and basic control to all your smart home devices, including locks. This control panel is similar to the one in the new Google Home Hub visual display, which I’m sure will have a wider European release in the future. Also, Google permits unlocking with a security code.

Are there any concrete plans for native Google Home support?

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Hi Laurens,

I am happy to tell you that we are actively working with the Google Assistant team on developing a native Google Smart Home Action for Nuki, which allows users to open doors in Europe. :blush:

On Google’s side it is quite new that people can open doors via Assistant, as the respective locks API was just released. Until now it was only possible to lock doors or ask for the state. As you already mentioned, for security reasons opening doors only works with 2 factor authentication, this means that a code is required (similar to Amazon Alexa).

We don’t commit to a release date, but in the meantime you can use our custom Nuki Action for Google Assistant.

We’ll keep you posted!


Hi. I’m from Spain and I have the nuki lock, bridge and Google Home. My Google Home is in Spanish language. I have tried several times to activate the nuki link in Google assistant but no chance. It does’t matter if I say “talk to Nuki” in English neither in Spanish translation. How can I activate the nuki link in my Google Home with a Spanish setup?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Enrique,

at the moment you can’t, because the Nuki Action for Google Assistant is currently only available in English, German and French.

We’re working on making it available in Spanish! It will be available soon. :relaxed:


I just tried to integrate Nuki in my Google Home for the first time and got an error message that the system has problems with German language (I am from Austria) - see errmsg attached.

Any idea what ist the problem with German “speaking” devices?


Hi Rudi,

I’m also using Google Home in Austria, my language setting for all my devices and Google accounts is “Deutsch (Österreich)”, maybe one of your accounts or devices is set to “Deutsch (Deutschland)” and Google does not like that… please have a look at your language settings and try again!

Best regards,

NEWS: Native Google Smart Home Action

Nuki does now offer a native Google Smart Home Action, which allows users to unlock or open doors. :blush:

It’s currently available in German, English and French, and more languages will be available soon!

Try out our new native Action on your Google Home device or Assistant app!

Setup instructions:

  1. Activate Nuki Web in your Nuki app (Settings > Manage Smart Lock > Activate Nuki Web).
  2. Link the “Nuki” Action in your Google Home app. Go to: Set up device > Works with Google > Nuki.
  3. Login to your Nuki Web account and allow the Google Assistant to access your Smart Locks via Nuki Web.
  4. For unlocking doors with Google Assistant, set your personal security code (e.g. 1234).
  5. When you have finished the setup, tell Google to lock the door.
    Say for example: “Hey Google, lock NUKI.” (you have to use the name of your Nuki Smart Lock).


Google Home app > ‘Works with Google’ list of devices:

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I checked all the language settings. Most of them are set to “Deutsch (Österreich)”, some of them are set to “Deutsch” only and in rare cases there is only a setting “Deutsch (Deutschland)” availabele.

If I understand the Errormessage “Nuki ist für Geräte mit deutscher Spracheinstellung nicht verfügbar”, this looks like a general issue with German lang, or is Nuki not available in Germany?

Hi Rudi,

do you use the Nuki Custom Action or the new native Action, as described above? In your screenshot above it looks like you try to use the custom Action. Please try out the new native Action.

I just retested the Nuki Actions on the Google Home device and in the Assistant App for Android and for iOS, all of them work perfectly fine.

Neither Action has a general issue with the German language, both Deutsch (Österreich) and Deutsch (Deutschland) work. But maybe Google has a problem when your device and account settings do not match, e.g. when you mix Deutsch (Österreich) and Deutsch (Deutschland). I can’t imagine any other problem.

Maybe you can try it again with the new native Action, follow the setup instructions above in my last post.

Please let us know when you find a solution!

I used the setup instructions you posted above. So I suppose I am using native action, but I do not know.

Is there any documentation for Nuki Integration into Google home? Command list, setup procedure?

I do not have any functions for my lock in the App. When I click the lock I only get to the page “Geräteeinstellungen”, but no buttons for the locking functions. Is this as is should be?

(I tried it on two android devices, but same problem on both devices)

Ok, I think you tried to use custom commands for the native Action, that does not work. Asking for the activity log is not supported in the native Action. Please try to use the following German commands for locking or unlocking your door with the native Action:

Hey Google…

  • sperre [NUKI] zu.
  • sperre [NUKI] auf.

Instead of [NUKI] you have to use the name of your Smart Lock. For example when your Smart Lock has the device name “Zuhause”, say: “Hey Google, sperre Zuhause zu.”

Here’s the official Nuki Action Website for Google Assistant. Select “Mehr erfahren” to read all the information.

I hope this helps.

Ok. Now I could get my Nuki working with Google Home.
I was not aware that there are different commands / custom/native actions and the errormessage from the assistant was somehow misleading.
Thank you for your Support!

Is there a way to lock/unlock the Nuki from the Google Home App directly with a button?

I’m happy your Google Home setup works now! :slight_smile:

Currently Google does not offer lock/unlock buttons in the Home App. It would be nice if they offered switches like they do for lights, but that depends on Google, not on Nuki.

Thank you for your Feedback on the missing buttons!

PIN Code only numbers 1-9?!

WHY NO ZERO (“0”)?!?!?!?!?

Please explain. Or better fix. :wink:

The Smart Assistants, like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, don’t understand the number zero (“0”) correctly in the voice commands where you have to tell your PIN. Trying to unlock the door with a PIN containing the number zero always fails, so it is disabled to save users the frustration.

Hi Kerstin,
is Google Assistant integration available in Italy/Italian ? When I try to connect Nuki service from Google home I’m able to select Nuki, use my credential, setup a pin code and seems everything goes fine but at the end the service is not listed as connected.
Is this normal ?