Generic Bus - Bticino 334202

I have tried without success to connect a Bticino 334202 without success, using both the supported model and the generic model.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

In the forum there are numerous BTCINO posts. I had it running 12-18 months ago via the dedicated btcino model chosen during configuration. I then had to re-configure it - only in the meantime the firmware update done to the opener no longer had my model number in the menu. Since then, I cannot get it to work - just like you. After many tickets back and forth with support, I was offered a refund for my opener.

I have a very similar bticino intercom system.

Unfortunately, the Nuki Opener does not fully decode the bticino protocol, it only captures/replays packets, which might work in some cases, but did not work reliably at all in my case.

I have written quite a lot about the underlying issue and the fix that I ended up using:

Hope this helps, and I also hope that some day Nuki developers will actually implement proper bticino support…

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I made a feature request. Give it a vote if you like to see it implemented: