GDX5 Intercom integration

I have a GDX 5 intercom. Similar in appearance to GDX 1/3, but different internally. I’m really keen to test out the nuki opener with it, but having no luck. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

If anyone has any suggestions or has tried previously, please let me know, otherwise I’ll just give up.

GDX 1/3 is a 7 wire analogue system.
Your GDX 5 is a 4 wire bus based system (most likely), so completely different.

The “non standard intercom” means that there is no voltage on the cables or that the voltage has the wrong polarity. We can’t give you any suggestions on how to cable it, as long as nobody has properly measured this system (multimeter, oscilloscope).

Many thanks for the reply. I’m gradually giving up hope.

Do you think there is “any” or “no” point in trying different combinations of connecting the nuki system?

I concluded the wiring is 1. Speech in (microphone) 2. Speech out (speaker) 3. 0v 4. 12v

I have the black and red nuki cable connected to 1 and 2, and nuki app set to generic, but no luck. If you say keep trying, I likely will.

It appears such a simple solution for keyless entry, but obviously technology has hindered itself.

Can you please try to remove the cable to 1 from the intercom and check if the door still opens when you press the button at your end and if it still rings when you push ring at the entrance panel?

Same with the cable that goes into 2.

Let me know what happens if you disconnect them.

if I disconnect 1. then there is no ring. the ‘mute’ button lights up. I cannot open the door either.

if I disconnect 2. then the handset does nothing, no ring nor open notification.

in order to open the door, the handset needs to be ‘activated’ by someone ringing AND the handset should be lifted.

Not good. With the need for activation AND lifting the handset, the Opener is basically lost and can’t do anything at all, no matter how you wire it.

The only thing that comes to my mind, that you could try is to connect RED to 1 and BLACK to 3 and reconfigure it as Brand Generic and Model Bus (Generic). Before you start the configuration wizard ask somebody to ring the bell (= activate your system).
Then you start the “training” step (which asks you to push the actuator button on your intercom).
You pick up the phone and press on enter.
Complete all other steps of the wizard by just answering with yes (they will all fail, but if you are lucky the open door command was properly recorded and the Opener can open the door).

If not, i don’t see any hope for your setup.

Hi. Sorry it’s taken a while to give it another try.
I’m a step forward, albeit a little step!

Wired up as you instructed. The Nuki device recognised that there is a signal, and lets me proceed to the configure step. When it asks me to press the “open” button on the intercom, the nuki opener seems to reset itself, disconnecting it from the bridge and therefore sending an error to my app.

Sorry to revive an old thread @galen but I also have the GDX5 Intercom I’d love to “smarten up” and just wondered if you ever had any luck getting the Nuki Opener to work with it?

Also @Juergen has there been any update or progress on compatibility with the GDX5 or similar types of intercom?