Garmin CIQ Widget to Open / lock door

Product name

For which NUKI product do you want to submint a feature request?
Nuki Smart Lock 2.0


Quick summary what this request is about.
Implement a Garmin CIQ Widget that allows to lock and open the door with a Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Watch (and other CIQ compatible watches) using Bluetooth.
The Widget should work independent from a connected phone, i.e. Direct communication between Watch and lock via BT.


Detailed description of desired Functionality

  • Ideally same functionality as the iOS Widget, but minimum requirement is to open and lock the door
  • Secure Communication between Garmin Device and Lock


Why is this feature needed?
When I am out for a run I usually do not take my mobile phone with me, but still have to take the key with me to be able to open the door when I return. It would be cool, if I could also leave the key home and Open the door with my running watch.


How would you like to use this feature?
List all usecases you can think of!

  • open door with Garmin watch when I return from a run so I can leave key and mobile phone at home.
  • Open door with Garmin watch anytime it would be faster to use the watch than grabbing the phone. (I am not using geofencing).

I moved this to the feature request section for you (seemed you’ve been prohibited from the system to create it there due to being a too recently created user).

Also see

for possible support for your request.


Any progress on this one? I would also be willing to support this request from a financial perspective. In case it’s of any help: Garmin also supports NFC (as it already features mobile payment) so that might be easier to implement in an app?!


Maybe this can serve as a starting point?

Garmin Watch talks to a Raspberry Pi using BLE. When you watch the Video think of the LED being a Nuki Locking and Opening…

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