App for Garmin watch

I’m looking for a developer to create an application into Garmin watches that could open a Nuki lock.
Anyone here?


Will be nice to also have app (or even better widgwt) for garmin watch. At least the simple lock/open using bluetooth.


I merged your topics, as they are the same.

Feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it. Would be interesting for us to see if more people here are interested in Galaxy watch or Garmin support (and how many in general).


Any update for this? It can’t be so difficult to implement this to garmin watch


As in many cases it is not mainly about difficulty, but about priorities with limited ressources.

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Interesting, but I think could be a problem with Bluetooth pairing (I suppose Garmin can pair only with ios or android devices). Instead with a Nuki bridge is much simpler


I’d be highly interested into this as well… even if it would be a paid app for my watch


Dear Stephan,
I could pay to develop this app - let me know the terms.


This is a must-have for both: Nuki AND Garmin.

-same target group with most affinity. Great “reason to buy”
-great benefit / smart story (no key, no purse, no mobile phone)

Story Nuki to all smart-watch users: leave your mobile, key and purse at home. concentrate on sports. (That is the key-feature for runners to buy smartwatches)

Story Garmin: That IS a key feature for buying a Garmin watch instead of Samsung etc

I can´t believe that this is not seen by the Nuki / Garmin


I‘m interested too. Go for Garmin!)))

It’s been here since April and no progress. Too bad, now just many new garmin watch released, and nuki is no responding

Very interested too. It will be great to have such possibility!

Hey Peter and some other users!

I have already done this via an Garmin App called “maker/webhooks”. -> you need to use an IFTTT account.

Set up in short:

  • Webhook app on your Garmin watch ( i use a fenix 3) -> the watch needs to be connected to the Internet. (via BLE and your mobile phone)

  • your Nuki Account also needs to be connected to IFTTT

  • create a “recepie” for the Webhook and connect it to open/close the Nuki door.

Just be aware this setup only works in combination with your Mobile phone!!!

But I see the point using the watch without a mobile phone :wink: but I doubt it will be developed.


It would be lovely to see an official Garmin way to use Nuki, specially considering how widespread Garmin smartwatches are now.

Hi Stefan,
If you find a way to solve the control without a phone, I like to sponsor the development.

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Thats something for Garmin and Nuki :wink:

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There are various potential solitions that require a Nuki Bridge and a mobile phone in your Pocket.
But this will not help for the use case when you go for outdoor sport with just your Garmin watch. For this use case we need a solution where the Garmin watch directy communicates with the Nuki lock over BLE.

I wonder what’s missing to get the development started:

  • It seems there’s a lot (personal feeling) of interest in getting this app.

  • We even have some users who offered to pay for this solution (although I would assume that we all might not be able to estimate possible costs)

  • This request is also on the feature-request page and it performs pretty well in the voting

So I guess it would still be worth for NUKI to give us at least some details on their perspective regarding some next steps.

If this post needs more likes I’m happy to recruit more fans but what’s the real showstopper right now? Any idea?

A few general comments:

  • We do not communicate our timelines, priorities and roadmaps in the public
  • Collecting votes and gathering fans certainly helps to raise the visibility of a feature request.
  • One reason for opening up our APIs was that anybody can build integrations which we - for whatever reason - can not or do not want to build and maintain on our own. A Garmin watch app needs the Bluetooth API

is there a workaround for Garmin,like ifttt? I only need a button for nuki opener,the smartlock open automatically.