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Control Nuki with Galaxy watch

Open my door when i left my phone at home

When i go out for a run i don’t have a phone with me only my watch so it would be great i can open my door with my watch

Please make it happen to control my nuki just like people wearing a apple watch or Android wear :raised_hands:

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Would like this as well, samsung is getting a serious market share, while wear os is falling behind… a real nuki app for samsung galaxy watches with bluetooth pairing to nuki and also with remote connection capabilities would be awesome


I beg you please make this happen or at least tell us you are working on it to release soon!


Google watches are very smart and pervasive, and I think Nuki should use Google’s platform to achieve greater reach

@MatthiasK @system
plz we want to know if nuki working on it or no

I think we have the same rights to get a app for our galaxy watch like Apple watch and Android watch and why we should make a vote for this. did you make the same thing with apple and android? :thinking:


@MatthiasK didn’t open also on Samsung internet for galaxy watch.
nuki didn’t give us any option to control or nuki smart lock from galaxy watch :disappointed_relieved:!


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This is already possible by using an IFTTT client/ app on Samsung smartwatches.

like what?

Does someone have the how-to?

How many votes should it be to het the feature implemented?


Amazing, this is currently the most voted feature request and still no news for over an year.


As several people (@Dimitri , @7ouda911 ) asked how this is already possible to achieve, please find down below a short how-to.

The solution requires

Step by step

  1. Create a new webhook in IFTTT / get a webhook key
  2. Create an applet that connects the webhook to the Nuki function of your choice
  3. Setup the “IFTTT Hooks” app so that the applet is available to get triggered via your smartwatch. Detailed instructions at IFTTT Hooks - standalone app and widget for Samsung smartwatch series | ifttthooks

I hope this helps!



Please check out:

Note that this is a first Beta with functionality limited to having the smartphone nearby and one Nuki device!

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bonjour toujours pas d’application disponible pour ma galaxy watch3

I am very happy to point you over to, where the link to the Galaxy store is now available. :slight_smile:

Changed feature request to planned! :fireworks: