Enable/Disable ringing suppression as button-function

Product name

Nuki Opener, iOS App and presumably Android App


Make an option in the Nuki App to use the Nuki Opener button to enable/disable ringing suppression


In the administration panel of the opener, section Opener Button there should be an option available (after clicking on ‘pressing 1x/2x’ (or however it’s called in English)) to use the physical button of the opener to enable/disable the ringing suppression. Right now I have to dig deep in the administration panel every time I want to enable/disable ringing suppression going to Sound->Ringing suppression and enable the first Option.


Having a small child, it’s a blessing being able to disable the doorbell, when our child is asleep. The easiest option for this would be a press of the big button on the Nuki Opener, instead of digging deep into the administration panel as of right now – especially for less tech-savvy members of the family. For my understanding this function should be fairly easy to implement, correct me if mistaken.


As described above. I currently don’t need the opener button for anything, since I don’t have any use-cases for the options currently available. I would help a lot, if I was able to enable/disable ringing suppression by pressing the Opener button.

Thank you!