ELCOM BVF-200 with RSR-220 installation

Help needed
I’m trying to get my ELCOM BVF-200 running with NUKI Opener since a few weeks. I already upgraded the relais to a RSR-220 and really struggle in getting the installation set-up. I followed some other comments like this one Elcom i2 Bus (BVM-100) - #37 by Schiemanskie, but no solution so far

Can someone help me to get the cabling right - this is how it looks like.


What I can tell is different (sry I didnt have the Video Version)

You will only need the yellow / purple / blue cables from Nuki
Remove the green one from the a? port.
Reconnect the blue from K to the place where the green one was.

dont forget the soldering on the PCB :wink:

Thanks Florian! Happy it works for you.
I’ve removed the green and reconnected to K.
I was hoping to avoid the soldering by replacing the relais. Is ther another way to connect purple /blue?

I have the same setup and looking for a solution for my BVF-200.

@steffens did you solve it? Does it work with only replacing with RSR-220 and no soldering?

Same here. I have a BVF-200.

As far as I understand we need a RSR-220 but I don’t understand if we have to replace the existing Relais or add it to the existing setup?