Early access: Bridge Beta 2.4.x

Our internal tests show good results for the new Bridge firmware version. So we want to invite interested users to an early access to the new Beta version (as soon as available).

Why not use the existing Beta channel?

This is a complete rework of the firmware and though we only release versions as Beta we think are stable enough to provide without any risk, we see that many users may currently use a beta enabled bridge in productive environments.
So we want to give you the choice if you want early access to this version or not.

How to apply?

Just send me a PM with your Bridge ID you want to add. I may not be able to answer every request, but will store your ID. Updates on the final availability of the new Beta will be posted here for all to see.
If you change your mind while the new beta is not released you can send a reply to your first PM to withdraw your interest.

When will the new Beta version be available?

This depends on when it passes all our internal tests and will be announced here. But it should be a matter of days, not weeks.


We will start rolling out the new beta today to users who have opted in for early access. It will do this on its own (checking for updates 1 hour after restart and then all 24 subsequent hours) or via /fwupdate HTTP command.

Plase note that this firmware update will take several minutes to install and you should not unplug the bridge while it updates.


Update: As the feedback for the new Bridge Beta is very good we will start to roll it out to all Beta-users in the next days as version 2.4.x, so there will be no more need to specifically apply for it.

2.4.8 is now public and rolling out to all users.

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