Door sensor updates lock status

I am new to Nuki so maybe my idea is already adressed somewhere.

My problem is that sometimes after I use my key to manual open/close the door the status of my Nuki is wrong (door unlocked, shows as locked).

I use the door sensor too. My suggestion is to use the status of the door sensor (open/close) to update the lock status (locked/unlocked). Because if the door has been opened manual with key and the sensor has recognized the status open > the lock had to be unlocked (otherwise the door won‘t open anyway). So could this be possible to be added as an option?

Is it clear for you? What do you think about?

This should not happen if you have a proper cylinder where the inner key turns synchronous with the outer key. Do you have such a cylinder?

I know that this would not happen with a proper cylinder. But unfortunately (like many others) I have not. So this feature/ workaround would help a lot for my setting. It would solve all problems I had with Nuki so far.

It is not going to work as easy as just correcting the position because the Smart Lock needs the exact position of the key not just “unlocked” (which is an area). Which means that it would need to perform a position correction run before applying the next lock command after such a “correction by door sensor” and probably some other things as well in order to restore a proper function.

Anyhow, please feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it.

Thank you Jürgen for the explanation. I did not know that Nuki is recognizing the position of the key. But as you were explaining it makes sense at all. Yeah therefor it would not be easy as you have to change the saved position and change them with the one (previous saved) for unlocked. Because the lock as I have has no more option as locked / unlock and the position for both states are nearly fix. So you could flip the saved position and use the other one for unlocked.

And of course it would only go the way door unlocked (manuel), door opened and then change position to unlocked. The other way round it would not make sense to set the door to locked, if you are not sure if it is locked or just closed.

But for the scenario manual unlocked, open door and then set the Nuki to the “unlocked” position would help. But yeah, maybe this is an edge case which only I have.