Nuki unlocked state combined with door sensor

Product name

Nuki smart door lock 2.0 with door sensor


If you are using Nuki with a cylinder which do not turn the key on the inside you have a wrong state when using the key manual from outside. If the door is locked and you open it from outside the state of Nuki will stay at locked. Even if the door sensor is recognizing the status open. In fact the door can only be open if it is unlocked.


So the feature is to set the lock state to unlocked (also position of key turn to open) once the door sensor has recognized the status open. You have saved position for open and locked (to show the state). So if you change the state to unlocked, you can be safe that Nuki can use the key position for unlocked. Once you will lock via App the key will turn right and all will be good.


When I use my key the state of nuki is completly wrong. If I then use the app the lock get stuck / motor stuck / recalibration is often needed.


It would be cool to have this as an option to use. As I wrote the use case is when the door is locked, I open with my key from outside. The key inside does not turn so Nuki can not recognize the unlock process. Once the door gets open (status of door sensor change to open), Nuki change its status to unlocked. After that I can lock the door with the app and it wont get blocked.

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