Door Sensor & Matter


I am new in the Forum, I hope this is the right placefor this question.

I am about to order a Nuki Pro 4.0 (+Keypad2 + possibly Door Sensor). My question relates to the Door Sensor and Matter.

I saw the following info on Nuki’s site:

The Door Sensor state is not supported by Matter.

Currently, no Matter controller supports the status of the Door Sensor. Therefore, the Door Sensor state will not be available via the Matter integration.

It is phrased as if it was a limitation of the Matter controllers and not a limitation of the Door Sensor itself, but this seems awkward.

Do you know if the current version of the Door Sensor supports (in principle) Matter?
In other words, is it:
(a) a limitation of the current Matter controllers, and future Matter controllers may support the status of the Door Sensor; or
(b) a limitation of the current Door Sensor, and in future versions of the Door Sensor its state may be available in the Matter controllers

It it is option (b), I would not order a Door Sensor yet and hope that Nuki brings an updated version within the next months.

At the service chat they were not able to help me, but I hope that somebody here is more knowledgeable.

Thank you!

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I have the same question. I run my own Matter controller software (on Raspberry Pi) so I am not limited by possible limitations of controllers from common brands.
The Matter standard for door locks includes an optional Door Position Sensor (DPS) feature. Attributes and events are supported such as DoorOpen DoorClosed DoorJammed DoorForcedOpen.
Please clarify is DPS supported by Nuki.

Thank you for your contribution DDP. Triggered by your message, I saw that another door/window contact sensor (from Eve) supports Matter to see the Door Open/Closed state. From all that, I derive that the limitation is in Nuki’s door sensor.

@Nuki: it’s a pity that the company seems reluctant to openly acknowledge this. I know that this Forum is not to share Nuki’s roadmap and make public announcements. But I think that it is fair to disclose to customers the technological state of the currently offered products (and possibly, as done with Matter for the Lock, to indicate that the company is working on this topic). The statement in the link blaming the currently available Matter controllers is very misleading.

Indeed, a separate Matter sensor like Eve’s would be a workaround. I would prefer Nuki’s sensor because of the native immediate auto lock functionality (locks upon sensing door closed), for which I otherwise have to write the automation myself. Nuki’s sensor connects directly to the lock over Bluetooth which may be a bit more robust.
But Nuki should expose the open/closed state over Matter anyway.

No, it is not supported by Nuki at the moment. It is also not supported by any of the controllers out there (Apple Home, Google Home, …).

It is, because it would simply not work from a user perspective by using this optional feature of the door lock cluster as it is not supported by any of the popular controllers out there.

You need to ask the producers of the Matter controllers about their roadmap. This is not something that Nuki has under control.

The door sensor itself does not have a Thread radio and can therefore not act as standalone Matter contact sensor.

Most of the Matter controllers out there support dedicated contact sensors. Via this route there might be a way for the Smart Lock to expose the door status via Matter by exposing a separate door sensor as additional Matter device next to the door lock. You could create a feature request and start collecting votes for it.

Thank you I have created a feature request.

I just sent back my Nuki Smart Lock 4.0 because it had sever issues with my door sensor.
It was not able to reliably read the door sensor state and despite Nuki’s support best efforts we were unable to resolve the issue.
I put back my Smart Lock Pro 3.0 and it works like a charm with the door sensor.
I would suggest using a 3rd party door/window sensor and set up an automation in HomeKit for example.

Thank you for your complete and helpful answer.
The door status must then: 1) be exposed via Matter by the Smart Lock; and 2) be supported by Matter controllers.

I have voted for DDP’s request so that at lest the first step is done by Nuki.
For the second step, I am not fully able to understand why other Matter door sensors (see e.g. Eve’s website) claim that the door status can be checked (“That all-important door, window, cabinet, or safety gate – don’t roam your home to confirm it’s shut. Just ask your voice assistant or consult the app of your preferred smart home platform.”). Maybe this aspect is not based on Matter?

In any case, I would expect it to be technically easy for Matter controllers to support the Door status, and a corresponding request can be made to the most popular companies.

Thanks again!