Door locked while it's opened with sensor

My Nuki 3.0 Pro with door sensor
locks the door while it still stands open
after opened by auto-unlock
if I don’t close it quick enough (about 20 seconds)

I asked support and they answered that this is normal when auto-lock is enabled.

I’m not prepared to believe that this is working as intended.
There can not ever be a situation where locking while the door stands open is the right thing.

The door sensor seems to work fine (status correctly shown in app).
I calibrated it again anyway, but that didn’t help.

Has someone else experienced this? Is this a known issue?


Hello there,

I have the same issue, and I agree, this can’t be the normal behaviour.
Please correct it.

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Nuki has several ways to automatically lock a door:

  • Lock’n’Go: Unlocks the door and locks it if a door sensor closed event arrives or after the Lock’n’Go time is over → i.e. it always locks the door after the lock’n’go timer is expired

  • Auto-Lock: Locks the door X mins after it has been unlocked or closed (if you have a door sensor). i.e. it does not lock the door if it is opened and not closed.

  • Timer: When you set a timer to lock the door at a certain time, the door is always locked at that time, regardless of the state of the door sensor.

If you activate the option to “lock the door after auto-unlock” the App sends the “Lock’n’Go” command, therefore the door is relocked, even when it remains open.
You might try Auto-Lock instead.

Thanks for looking into it and for the explanations.

The door locking while the sensor tells the door is open, is NEVER sensible behavior.
I hope you acknowledge this as a bug.

Of course it does not make sense to lock an open door, but the door sensor can be wrong, not working or not responsive which also needs to be considered.

The current behavior was the outcome of a lengthy beta phase some time ago: Smart Lock 2.0 Door Sensor in 2.7.x Beta

I am getting the same error

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i experienced the same when using lock and go:
sometimes i am not within the time range. i thought if i buy the sensor and it tells the system the door is open - it waits with the closing command as long till its closed and then locks the door. but it still locks the open door and i have to unlock and start lock and go again.

it makes no sense to lock the door while the door sensor tells its still open. the sensor can be wrong? maybe, but this shouldn’t be the default expectation. i assume that it should be reliable in the first place, not that is not working or not responsive.

maybe you should overthink this behavior or find a better way if its not working/responsive. for example push a message to the phone and tell sensor still shows open after an unexpected time - “check the door/sensor” or something.

i don’t need a door sensor when it cant tell the system if the door is open or close and use that information for better/smarter locking.

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I have exactly the same issue.

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So, is this considered a bug that can be expected to be fixed eventually, or are you trying to tell us that this is working as intended?

The current behavior is the intended one. If you want to change it (or have an option to change it by taking the risk that the door remains unlocked if - for whatever reason - the door sensor fails), please add a feature request and start collecting votes for it.