Direct NUKI Smart Lock Control via Garmin Watches Using Bluetooth

Product name

NUKI Smart Lock


Integration of Garmin Connect IQ App for direct control of NUKI Smart Lock


I propose an enhancement of the NUKI Smart Lock’s compatibility to enable direct control and locking/unlocking functions via Garmin smartwatches. This feature should allow for the NUKI Smart Lock to be controlled directly through a Garmin Connect IQ app, eliminating the need to use a smartphone as an intermediary. The feature should include:

  • Direct locking and unlocking of the NUKI Smart Lock via the Garmin watch.
  • Lock status display on the watch (e.g., locked, unlocked).
  • Optional notifications for certain events (e.g., door left open, low battery status).


This feature is particularly useful for physically active individuals who prefer not to carry their smartphones while jogging, cycling, or engaging in outdoor activities. Garmin watches are popular among this target group due to their durability and plethora of features suitable for outdoor activities. The ability to control the NUKI Smart Lock directly from a Garmin watch would enable users to secure and access their homes more conveniently without the need to carry additional items.


  • After an early morning run, a jogger approaches their front door and effortlessly unlocks it using their Garmin watch through direct Bluetooth communication, bypassing the need for a smartphone or internet connection.
  • A person arrives home with groceries in both hands; they unlock their door seamlessly with a simple gesture on their Garmin watch, without fumbling for a phone or keys.
  • Following an afternoon of surfing, a surfer, without carrying a smartphone to the beach, unlocks their door directly with their Garmin watch, appreciating the convenience of not needing any internet connection, just the Bluetooth link to the NUKI Smart Lock.
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They still haven’t made that possible?
The ending paragraph actually suggests a workaround. I realized most of the post was me ranting :person_shrugging:t3:

I have too many smartwatches but only the apple and android can be used for auto unlocking. When I did forget that it said garmin on the box I have three of them my favorite is the one without a touchscreen anyway I installed the app or whatever it is on to the watch I made shure that everything that has any kind of bluetooth signal was turned off when I test stuff like this because it could easily connect to my hompod, or smartthings hub, washing machine… and i just got the message that I needed a phone on all three of them.

I am not saying I want it to be seamless and automatic as with apple and android watches, because i just have to press a few buttons… it even more expensive than other watches. Now I can’t leave my apt without the apple watch ultra because it does have a long battery, however I want the functionality of the garmin one.

I do have a keypad but because I am an idiot id probably forget the codes actually I don’t know the… code :grimacing: come to think of it. Maybe this was my ranting but I did expect it to work its on the box.

There is a workaround and that is the dreaded home assistant. I even made one of the hue switches/remotes open the door I was sure it wasn’t going to work when I get it disconnected from the zigbee network but it took like 5 seconds more or less to reconnect and open

Allowing the Garmin watch to control the NUKI directly without proxying the request via a phone would be ideal, no doubt.

However, since that isn’t currently possible, a potential workaround would be to leave the smartphone at home, near the door, so it remains within Garmin’s Bluetooth range. This would enable the Garmin to send the unlock command via the phone.

Yes, I hope the developers also see the potential for this.

I also use the workaround myself, but unfortunately it’s not very useful if you’re wearing all your running gear, you’ve just closed the door and you realise that you’ve forgotten to put your mobile phone on the door…

I find it more practical to put the key in the running sock.