DEVICE_STATUS Webhook not working for Smartlock 3.0

I am a paying user of the Nuki API, and I have detected that one of my devices never sends "DEVICE_STATUS" webhook notifications to my API endpoint . I have reviewed my logs for the past month, and I got DEVICE_STATUS notification from most my devices but this one. It is a nuki 3.0 Lock.

Nuki pro support didn’t know how to help me and I am concerned that other devices may be affected because I use DEVICE_STATUS to know the battery level of my devices in real time. There are not errors in my Nuki API Section and there are not DEVICE_STATUS messages for this smartlock neither.

hello Sereno,

Thanks for reporting.
We are not able to reproduce this issue, as our devices are receiving Device_Status webhooks.
I have forwarded the issue to the development team. Please allow some time until we revert. Thanks.

I would also like to let you know about the API parameter to check for the battery level (which you may have already explored or not).

Perhaps you’ve already explore this option, but you can also fetch the battery status from the Web API

“state”: {
“mode”: 2,
“state”: 3,
“trigger”: 0,
“lastAction”: 3,
“batteryCritical”: false,
“batteryCharging”: false,
“batteryCharge”: 90,
“keypadBatteryCritical”: false,
“doorsensorBatteryCritical”: false,
“doorState”: 0,
“ringToOpenTimer”: 0,
“nightMode”: false

batteryCharge provides the battery level
batteryCritical indicates if the battery % is <20%

Thank you so much for replying.

I have dozens devices working and sending several webhook notifications but I just realized that an specific smartlock is not sending DEVICE_STATUS. You don’t have to reproduce the problem but troubleshoot what is going on in my account with that specific device.

I can share the ID with you privately if you want.

Regarding the tracking, I was correctly tracking the right fields in the json. Thanks

Hope you can help me.

I see this post related API not sending DEVICE_STATUS messages to Webhook any more


I’ve forwarded this to the development team for further investigation, as you know this is very specific to some devices. I’ve the Smart Lock ID from the Support team, and if needed, we will reach out for more information. I kindly request you to be patient until we get back to you. Thank you for your understanding.

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