API not sending DEVICE_STATUS messages to Webhook any more

Hello Nuki
I created an advanced API integration with my new smartlock3. That worked fine, for every lock or unlock action of the lock, the webhook was called with two messages, a DEVICE_STATUS followed by a DEVICE_LOGS.
After a few hours, the API stopped sending the DEVICE_STATUS messages. The DEVICE_LOGS still come.
I changed nothing in the configuration that could explain this behaviour.
I unchecked and rechecked the Webhook Features on the Nuki Advanced API Integration page, this didn’t solve the problem.
kind regards Martin

Hello Martin,

Do you see any failure messages in the Nuki Web - Webhook log entries?
And you mean that when the device status changes, logs are appearing but the status webhook doesn’t? After how long does this problem occur?
I can receive both the status and logs device-triggered webhooks.
Also, could you please have only the status triggered webhooks enabled (with the rest of them disabled) and then check if you still have the issue? It is just easier to monitor.

Hello Poonam
the Webhook log shows no errors, I can see there that the DEVICE_STATUS messages are not being sent at all.
This shows the last time both messages were sent by the API. The first of these was the status message

After this, only the log messages have been sent. The logs appear correctly in Nuki Web, and the Nuki App shows the correct state.

I disabled all the other Webhooks as you suggested, after this there were no Webhook messages any more. Reenabled them all, same behaviour as before.

The problem started after my integration has been running for about a day, no error messages at any time.

Hello Martin,

Ok, we will check internally.
Could you please share your Nuki Web email address and Smart Lock ID in DM (not on the forum please)? Thanks.