Custom opening trigger for Opener

Dear community

I’m new to NUKI and have an idea to improve the Opener. I tried to post it under the feature requests but it seems that I don’t have the permissions yet. So, I post my idea/feature requests here, I hope this is not a problem :slight_smile:

Best regards, Luca

Custom opening trigger for Opener

Product name

NUKI opener


Possibility to define a custom opening trigger (i .e. 3 x ring) for the Opener without the need of “Ring To Open”


It should be possibile to define a “secret” trigger (i .e. 3 x ring) to open the main entrance with the NUKI opener.


This function would be nice for a Kid without mobile phone to open the main entrance. In comparison with the “Ring To Open” function it would work only if the ring is pressed i. e. 3 times in sequence within 2 seconds.


Kid open the main entrance pressing 3 times the ring within 2 seconds. Another person, not knowing this functionality, can not open the main entrance.

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There are already two feature request for that.
The first one is

Hi Yan, I didn’t see that, thank you!