Could you eventually implement Geofence radius of 25m only?

Dear Nuki team,

while I am completely happy with my Nuki (now even with Opener connected to a formerly unknown door station, see my other post), I still have one issue, now with both Opener and Nuki:

When I only walk my (small) dog around the house, I seem to never leave the radius of 50m geofence radius. So I can never use the auto unlock features unless I set the location some meters away from home in the opposite direction. But then I sometimes get told that I am not yet at home - do I really want to unlock the door? :slight_smile:

I know there once was a beta test of a geofence of only 25m radius, but lost track of that and as far as I can see it is not implemented in the current firmware/app.

Do you plan / is there maybe already a firmware/app where I could go down to 25m geofence radius? That would really be great.

The grass strip where I walk the door in the early morning and evening is unfortunately not further away. So I can only use the feature for the long afternoon walk.

Thanks and best,


Just got my Nuki smart lock this week and I’m facing the exact same issue.
I’ve tried changing the position of the lock so my dog’s favorite places will go out of the geofence radius but it’s too close and not always working.
Please allow reducing the geofence, it should be very very easy.

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This is not something that is in the hands of Nuki. The minimum geofence size is defined by the operating system of the smartphone and thus in the hands of Apple (iOS) and Google (Android).

Here is a statement from Apple about it:

However, for testing purposes, you can assume that the minimum distance is approximately 200 meters.


Thank you for sharing that.
I use Android and according to their docs, the best results will be with a radius of 100-150m, but it doesn’t mean 50m won’t work and in this case it can make a big difference.
Is there any way to try and get a test version of Nuki where the geofence is set to less than 100m and test it out?
If I understand correctly Nuki simply uses the OS API and that should be easy to change.

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No. We had lower options in the App in the past and it caused many problems with people playing around with expert settings and then claiming Nuki for not working Auto-Unlocks.

Point beeing: A lower radius simply does not work with the currently available technology. Auto Unlock in its current implementation requires you to walk away from home, stay out for some time and return back straight to the door. Everything else (not walking far enough outside the fence, not staying outside the fence long enough, not entering through the main door, entering the fence but not walking to the door) will cause problems and require to use a different unlock method (e.g. Homescreen Widget, Wearable, Keypad, opening the App).

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Thank you. Is there any information for how long I should be outside the geofence for Nuki to apply the auto-unlock trigger?

You have to be outside for at least 2min.

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Can Auto-Unlock for small radius be implemented by using proximity control of Bluetooth-LE?

That could also be a solution to Do not auto unlock if I come home by car

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Unfortunately no. This solutions are quite specific and require precise triangular setups with permanently powered devices.

Hi Jürgen,

I tested it several times but even after 5 minutes the “Show map” screen indicates that I am still at home, although “my” blue circle is completely outside the Nuki yellow circle.

I am a new user with Nuki 3.0 + Door Sensor.
Using iPhone 12 Pro with latest iOS 15.4.1 and latest Nuki app.

Can you help me troubleshoot ?


This usually happens when the geofence does not trigger at all. There is a trouble shooting guide in the help section of the Nuki App. Please generate a report there and continue with the support team.