Do not auto unlock if I come home by car

Product name

NUKI Smart Lock


When I enter my house by car through the garage my house door opens up because of “Smart Unlock” and I have to manually close the door. This is a security issue if I forget to close the door.


It would be great if Smart Unlock would be deactived when I come by car.


When my door is automatically unlocked I have to close it manually. When I forget this my door stays opened.


This could be done in my opinion by deactivating Auto Unlock when my phone is connected to a specific bluetooth (my car bluetooth) or by controlling the speed when entering the geofence.

I do understand that you have a specific use case but when are you going to use the auto unlock in this case?
After you exit the car or?

No, the Auto Unlock should NOT be executed at all when I come home with my car because in that case it is not needed (as I am already inside) it should only be done when I come by foot (when my cars bluetooth is not connected).
In fact I’m pretty amazed than not more people have the same issue…

Same issue to me
But I love the Auto Unlock so much