Connection to HomeKit via WiFi or Bluetooth?


does the nuki smart lock 2.0 connect to HomeKit via WiFi or Bluetooth?
I think it’s Bluetooth and regardless if one is using a nuki bridge or not, right?
Can I see the connection quality to HomeKit anywhere? Cause I am not sure where exactly to place my Apple TV, so that it has a good connection to Nuki.

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I have the SL and the Bridge, but the Bridge and the Apple TV are in the same place, around 2 meters away from the bridge.
I have no connection issues with HomeKit, I installed the SL today but I never lost a connection in about 12hrs.

Ok, but which question should that answer?

HomeKit = Bluetooth.

Apple does not allow to bridge security critical accessories, therefore Wifi (through the Nuki Bridge) is not possible.

Thank you for the explanation!
So “normal” devices are allowed through Wifi HomeKit connection, but for example locks not?
Can I see the Bluetooth connection quality from nuki to my Apple TV anywhere?
Can only the smart mock connect to the Apple TV, or also the bridge (because it also can do Bluetooth)?

Last question: Will I need a nuki bridge to get nuki Opener to work?

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I have the Same questions.
Where can I see if the Nuki is connected to the appleTv and which signal strength?

Can I use Nukiopener on my Garmin?
Without smart phone ?
Garmin with Iphone?

Oh, that might be the answer of my Homekit “no response” issue.
I always thought that Bridge is the bridge between homekit and my lock. That is now a big surprise.

So Bridge is only for remote accessing my lock via Nuki app …

What if I add Nuki lock via nuki Briddge via Nuki homebridge plugin to Homekit ? This time Homekit will access my lock via Bridge via wi-fi, am I correct?

Yes. The HomeBridge plugins use the bridge HTTP-Api.