Comelit 2638 opener wiring?

I have recently bought the NUKI KIT (lock+bridge+opener)

My intercom is a COMELIT 2638.


I have followed the NUKI wizard to configure other COMELIT similar models (my specific model is not shown), but it DOES NOT WORK…

Could someone with a model similar to mine tell me how to do with the wiring?

I have seen this thread but the instructions are not clear and its connection does not seem to work… in my case

thx in advance

Default wiring (green conectors), switches(1-8 red) and CV1 and CV2 (down left) jumpers


Page of the manual… about COMELIT 2638 (and green screws)

General view of my “installation”…

Hi Alberto,

In a general Comelit compatibility thread, I just posted my Comelit system: Comelit compatibility I have not tried yet to make it work, but think I have found out how to.

It seems to be similar to yours considering the connection of the bus wires. As I understand (from the Comelit thread), the encryption on the bus system requires to go for the analogue set-up. Have you managed to get it working? I am thinking the S-/S+ can be used for ring detection and the opener contacts should be found to solder them to the blue and purple wires of the Nuki opener. Again, I have not tried it yet, so would be keen to find out where you ended up. Thanks!

Hello Alberto did you ever manage to get it working?Thanks

Also interested in a working solution for this model.

Sorry guys
In this case, no news, it’s bad news :frowning:

I have the OPENER disassembled and stored in a drawer, for the moment I can’t use it with COMELIT.

I don’t know if it depends on NUKI or COMELIT, the fact is that for the moment there is no progress…

I have a different type of error with the 2638 I guess: Nuki Opener Comelit 2608 - #13 by Florent_NEYRON

did you find the solution for comelit 2638? :slight_smile:
I have the same problem

No, I have it in the box…

I tried it with a professional locksmith in my city who said he knew how to install it and he couldn’t either.

I think that if NUKI does not actively look for a solution it will never be possible…

The biggest problem is that comelit uses an encrypted protocol.


Hi all,
can you please send to me the inside of Comelit 2628 where can i see the threads connection in order to install the Nuki Opener?

Thanks a lot for you support :slight_smile:

Hello, any update on the connection of Comelit 2638 to the Nuki Opener?

Here is the inside of my comelit.
I need heeeeelp :sweat_smile: