Comelit 2638 opener wiring?

I have recently bought the NUKI KIT (lock+bridge+opener)

My intercom is a COMELIT 2638.


I have followed the NUKI wizard to configure other COMELIT similar models (my specific model is not shown), but it DOES NOT WORK…

Could someone with a model similar to mine tell me how to do with the wiring?

I have seen this thread but the instructions are not clear and its connection does not seem to work… in my case

thx in advance

Default wiring (green conectors), switches(1-8 red) and CV1 and CV2 (down left) jumpers


Page of the manual… about COMELIT 2638 (and green screws)

General view of my “installation”…

Hi Alberto,

In a general Comelit compatibility thread, I just posted my Comelit system: Comelit compatibility I have not tried yet to make it work, but think I have found out how to.

It seems to be similar to yours considering the connection of the bus wires. As I understand (from the Comelit thread), the encryption on the bus system requires to go for the analogue set-up. Have you managed to get it working? I am thinking the S-/S+ can be used for ring detection and the opener contacts should be found to solder them to the blue and purple wires of the Nuki opener. Again, I have not tried it yet, so would be keen to find out where you ended up. Thanks!

Hello Alberto did you ever manage to get it working?Thanks

Also interested in a working solution for this model.