Comelit 2608 Continuous Mode and Ring to Open Function not working

Hey guys, also have a ticket open: 259725

i managed to get at least the “open” feature working on the app. First of all the wizard that guides you through the opener configuration suggested me the wrong contacts but that maybe was the fault of the guys who clamped the cables. I switched the wirings BUS- and BUS+ and now at least opening the front door works.

However, the wizard acts weird when it asks you to test the ring and buzzer.
It is the same behaviour as I found in other threads already - either you get the message that you are not in bluetooth range (same as this guy: Nuki Opener Comelit 2608 - Nuki Beta Program / Nuki Opener Beta - Nuki Developers allthough you stand next to it (wtf?) or it just goes into an endless loop until error message when asking to ring the bell. (as you can see in the first screenshot - only turning circle on iPhone 13 Pro, latest OS, also Opener latest firmware.)

After trying the setup like three or four times it suddenly says: configuration done and asks to test again. Now I can use the “open” button on the app and it works on the main door but “continuous mode” and also the “ring to open” have no function. You can see my wiring in the attachement:
Yellow and Red Nuki cable go into the wago clamp on one port, BUS+ from clamp position one goes into the other port of the wago clamp. Orange and Green Nuki cable go into the BUS+ clamp of the 2608. Nuki Black cable goes into the BUS- of the 2608.

What is wrong and why do these features not work? 2608 is simplebus 1 and is officialy on your support list, thats why I bought it in the first place.