Nuki Opener Comelit 2608

Hallo, ich habe eine Comelit 2608 Gegensprechanlage. Wie kann ich den Opener hier installieren?

This is a bus based system. We don’t know yet if it works or not, but you can try to connect the Opener with this guide as Generic Bus to the two “L” lines of your intercom:

Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems Nuki Opener Beta

Hey Peter,

I have a Comelit 2608 and am currently setting it up based on the instructions for unknown systems that Georg linked to.

The basic setup worked and I’m now trying out the enhanced setup which worked initially but is having a few issues I’m working through at the moment.

Hopefully I’ll have it 100% working soon but it’s good to know that the basic functionality of the Opener does work with the Comelit 2608.

Ajakaaj. Do you got ring suppression to work on 2608?

I can open the door via the nuki app. But i am having some issues with ring-to-open. Some times i have to ring 3-4 times for it to open. And the ring suppression dont work.

Any tip?

hi! i have the same intercom but i couldn’t set the opener, could you share your cabling connection?

Sorry everyone, I’m away from home from a few weeks so it’ll be a while until I can have another look at this.

My ring to open isn’t working and I can’t open it from the app unless somebody rings the intercom and I immediately then press open from the app. It seems that the app is replicating the physical open button on my intercom but needs someone to ring in order to activate it.

Please let me know what you manage to get working and I’ll update you when I’m home.

That’s the normal behavior when the intercom requires activation. The Opener can not change this and only Ring to Open is available in such a scenario.

Can you share your cabling connection? I have the Comelit 2708 and hopefully compatible. Thanks for your response.

Okay I’ve just got around to setting this up again and it seems to be working. I left the original wires in place (blue and blue stripe in 1 and orange and orange stripe in 2) then added Nuki black to 1 and Nuki red and orange to 2.

I have set it to continuous so whenever the intercom rings the Opener opens the door automatically and it seems to be working well.

Thanks for this input Mark!

I try this configuration but for me is not working, neither does the default configuration.

Hello Everyone,

It seems to be working on my comelit 2638, at least until some step.

I did wire black one on port 1 and red / orange on port 2 of the bus.

Then the app ask to ring the bell, it works, and then I have the following error when I need to press the open button on my intercom (it basically says I’m out of range for bluetooth which is not the case):

I opened a support ticket as well 231283


Hi @Florent_NEYRON ,

I’m monitoring this thread because I have a Comelit 2638 and I’m still hoping to be able to setup my Nuki Opener…

What Intercom model did you select when you ran the configuration wizard?

Please keep us posted regarding the outcome of your support ticket though I’ve read that Nuki does not want to work on Comelit Bus system support.


I have a COMELIT 2608. It was a bit tricky to set up but now it works well in continuous mode.

  1. I’ve wired in accordance with “Generic / Bus (Generic)” (Black on 1, orange/yellow on 2). (Be careful, if polarity wrong, you have to permutate 1 and 2).
  2. During set up, it’s possible to open the door with the app, but not in “ring to open”. However, finish configuration by stating “the door is open”.
  3. In the app, set delay to 3 sec (time between push on button and opening of the door). This setting is the main factor to make it work.

=> works well in continuous mode (when someone ring my bell, the door opens after 3 sec).

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Hi Phil by the looks of your comelit it seems that I have the same. What do you mean with continuos mode? Isnt that a safety issue? Everyone who knows just rings ur bell and gets in the building?

I have a Comelit 2608, it opens a door (the first one) only after a ring call and another door only without a ring call. The button is the same, the right one.

Can I use a nuki open for both door?