Can't update the firmware to 3.9.5

I can’t update the firmware of my Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 PRO because I’m getting the error ‘To update your Smart Lock you need to be within Bluetooth range.’
Of course, I’m trying to do the update when I’m very close to the smart lock.
I’ve tried disabling the smart lock’s built-in Wi-Fi, turning off and on my Bluetooth, but I’m still unable to.
Do you have any suggestions?

I also noticed that there is never a Bluetooth connection between my smartphone and the smart lock.

well… bluetooth always turn off …try several times
i have 3.10 beta version same lock
lay your phone on the lock when updating

No ways unfortunately

strange you have good connection …well try reset lock …and start over again

Restoring default settings (not factory reset) has worked. Now I just have to see if bluetooth works with my phone. Thank you