Can't load Lock Firmware 1.7.3

(Kevin Fox) #1

My beta app has offered up Firmware 1.7.3 but when it comes to transferring to the smart lock it sits at 0% I’ve tried taking the batteries out of the Smartlock for 10 seconds but the problem remains. I’m using iOS 12.1.1 beta
How can I fix this?

(Jürgen Pansy) #2

Please switch on Debug Log (Menu > Settings), try it again and send a log via mail to

(Kevin Fox) #3

There is no debug option all I have is:
Manage Smartlock
Manage Users
Activity Log

Display Name
Smart options (auto unlock)
Connection Status

Swipe to Left
Swipe to Right

Delete Smartlock

(Stephan Lendl) #4

You have to open the hamburger menu at the top left!

(Kevin Fox) #5

Got it - hadn’t been in there yet :slight_smile: will send log later

(Kevin Fox) #6

Logfile sent to

(jOe) #7

Same problem here. Tried it several times

(Stephan Lendl) #8

Please also send us a log-file as described above!

(jOe) #9

Okay Email ist raus.

(Jorden Chamid) #10

I had the same. It went to 1% uploading to device, back to 0% and then after some time an error popup.

I removed the batteries, still the same problem. Received a message that the batteries were low. Replaced the batteries and then I could update without a problem.

(Jürgen Pansy) #11

The latest beta 2.0.1 has a fix for this upload problem. Have you been on it or did you use an older one?

(jOe) #12

Last Beta fixed the Problem :+1:

(Kevin Fox) #13

Latest V2.0.1 beta fixed it for me, although new firmware kept as long for lock to be calibrated after I had calibrated it. Gave up after 3 calibrations and it seems to work