Can't load Lock Firmware 1.7.3

My beta app has offered up Firmware 1.7.3 but when it comes to transferring to the smart lock it sits at 0% I’ve tried taking the batteries out of the Smartlock for 10 seconds but the problem remains. I’m using iOS 12.1.1 beta
How can I fix this?

Please switch on Debug Log (Menu > Settings), try it again and send a log via mail to

There is no debug option all I have is:
Manage Smartlock
Manage Users
Activity Log

Display Name
Smart options (auto unlock)
Connection Status

Swipe to Left
Swipe to Right

Delete Smartlock

You have to open the hamburger menu at the top left!

Got it - hadn’t been in there yet :slight_smile: will send log later

Logfile sent to

Same problem here. Tried it several times

Please also send us a log-file as described above!

Okay Email ist raus.

I had the same. It went to 1% uploading to device, back to 0% and then after some time an error popup.

I removed the batteries, still the same problem. Received a message that the batteries were low. Replaced the batteries and then I could update without a problem.

The latest beta 2.0.1 has a fix for this upload problem. Have you been on it or did you use an older one?

Last Beta fixed the Problem :+1:

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Latest V2.0.1 beta fixed it for me, although new firmware kept as long for lock to be calibrated after I had calibrated it. Gave up after 3 calibrations and it seems to work