Callback (lock ‘n’ go)


i need to run my own script after callback call is there any possibility to find lock’n’go, or callback can only (un)locked status?

You only get the status (locked, unlock etc.) via callback. So you can’t see which action changed the lock status in the Bridge HTTP API.

The only way to do this atm would be via IFTTT (which might be a completely different process then what you aim for).

I use Nuki so that when I’m home I have the door open, I’m going to press the Let ‘n’ go button twice when I leave - I need to call the action immediately to turn on the lights in the hallway.

At the moment, the callback behaves in such a way that the action starts when the status is locked for 20s, which is too late) I needed before reading. Is this at this stage solvable?

Thank you

The callback will always trigger after the status change (as it only sends this!) and not when you start an action.

To do this you would need an external first trigger, e.g. some smart button, which triggers Lock&Go and the lights at the same time.

Ok, and do you think about implementing the action even when it’s done? This would suit me the most. When leaving just push the button on the lock, no other alternatives - perhaps we understand that this is the most elegant solution.

I would have actually the same need. It would be great to send a state Lock’n Go when leaving the house so that I do not have to rely on a cloud based process leveraging IFTTTT. Any chance getting this lock state being reported in terms of transition state or something similar?

I would like to have the same thing. See, if a lock’n go changed the lock state.

I would also like to request this feature with the addition of if Auto Unlock changed the lock state.