Bticino 344804 - Generic Bus

I have seen that there are people who have made the opener work with this Bticino model, configuring it as a standard bus, but the question is this…

How should I connect the wires?

In the picture you can see how is wired now

Of the two wires visible, one is BUS-, one is BUS+. Use a multimeter to figure out which is which.

Then, follow the connection in Nuki Opener with an SCS bus intercom (bTicino 344212) (2020) - Michael Stapelberg.

Note that the Nuki Opener is not actually decoding the bTicino SCS Bus, it’s only replaying signals. Depending on your house wiring, this might work, or it might not work reliably or at all. In my case, I had to go through quite some lengths:

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Thank you Michael, I’ll try with the basic instalation B+ / B-

Hi Jove,

I have a Bticino video intercom model (344832) very similar to yours (with two cables). Did you happen to wire the NUKI opener successfully? If yes, could you send me a picture of your wiring?

Thank you

No, I didn’t make it work…

I made a feature request, maybe the guys from Nuki can use Michaels work will implement it if enough Btcino users vote: