Bridge discovery & HTTP-API activation

Static IP is not supported in FW 2.x at the moment

IP was a problem we already had when Bridges were offline. Which FW version do you have atm?

The current firmware of the Bridge is 2.2.12
Is it not possible to fix the IP address at the moment?

As mentioned above, sadly static IP is not working at the moment for FW 2.x

In general we are trying to reproduce all reports (which was not successfull for everything), but we see that where seems to be some remeining issues for users we will try to cover in a bigger update.

I am getting the same problem. When I call the Nuki Endpoint, I receive my bridge id and the timestamp.
I have a normal connection in the API.
Here is what I see when I want to manage my bridge, when I do the 10 second thing, it just reconnects it to my smart home:

I can’t seem to reach the endpoint of the bridge through http, but I know the IP of the bridge (

I am a bit frustrated with the setup to be honest. Alongside every step of the way I have found issues and had to do things twice.

I have the white edition, if this makes any difference to firmware, hardware, whatever.
I have an API token set online. Under the list of devices, my bridge is not shown, but presumably this is standard?

Thanks for any help. I have unplugged the bridge to no avail. I don’t know what else to do. I followed every step. The first time around, it didn’t work. Had to redo everything and then everything worked fine.