Change ip to static ip

Hi, it’s possible to change ip to static ip?

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If you mean for the Bridge with FW version 2.x: No, this is not possible at the moment.

This should be possible somehow …


Yes, this is a missing feature in the FWs 2.x (next to bridge logs) which we are working on to get feature complete with FW 1.x.
My reference above was regarding the current status.

It’s possible to find mac addres?

until the feature is in place in Nuki:
in some router, you can easily set static IP, ie AVM Fritzbox.

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I know I can set fixed (static) IP with a router. But some years ago the internet provider started to use virtual routers trough their modem, so if you use own router, your are set with double NAT. Thus, adding a static IP possibility is very useful for many of my customers, as I cannot assure the Nuki slot will work in a integrated way when a provider uses a virtual router (and there are a lot of users that have that feature). And guess, in the virtual router you cannot set a static IP. So I can only advise customers to drop their internet connection, get another one combined with a physical router. That’s costly, instead a static IP feature would be a very kind gesture from NUKI.

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Having the option of a static IP config in the bridge is a security feature too.

If someone targets the DHCP in the hubs LAN (by software or power loss) the hub goes down after TTL and remote control is broken. If someone is able to trick it’s own dhcp into the LAN, he can redirect the traffic.

I know that fixed IP configs may shift support volumes and most end users may have their DHCP on their home router (if it gets power loss, internet and so remote control is gone anyway), but more sophisticated users may profit from.

For such reasons, Nuki may place that feature behind some “expert mode” or so…

just my two cents…
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