Smart Lock or Dumb Lock?

Hi everyone,

I seem to have several issues with my lock. There are quite a few things that don’t work.

  1. The lock does not know its own state, even if it should. Example:

Order is from bottom to top. The lock should know after the first attempt to close the door that it is already closed. The second attempt should be opening. This is “intelligent” mode, I thought the mode where it gets what kind of state it is in. I could have clicked a million times, the lock would still have done the wrong thing. So I had to manually open it with my phone.

  1. I can only use the preset modes intelligent and auto-unlock for the button on my lock. If I try to choose open and close, it no longer works. What is up?

  2. As alluded to in my post here, I can’t find my bridge. I haven’t received a reply.

  3. The light on the bridge is constantly blinking, extremely annoying during night. The one on the lock is also annoying when the lock does not know which state it is in (see issue 1) and shows as open when it is clearly closed.

  4. My door seems to be quite thick, the phone never finds the lock. Does anyone else have the same problem? I already use the standard preset mode which could be the one with the least required bluetooth connection. Phone is OnePlus 8 Pro.

Overall, it’s quite a frustrating experience for the price I paid. I mean, it works and I can use it via my phone, but I feel anything beyond that does not work.

Please contact our support via Support Form - Nuki or as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.