Bridge Callback invoked at constant intervals

I thought the behavior of the Bridge Callback is that, it is invoked when there are state changes. My home automation was based on this behavior. With a recent update (I do not know when), it seems to be that the callback is called every second or so (even when there are no state changes). The led on the Bridge also blinks constantly to indicate data transfer. The reset of the bridge did not bring about any change. This is causing unnecessary filtering of callbacks that I need to handle on the automation side.

Is this a known issue?

Firmware on Bridge and Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 are up-to-date.

Make sure that your bridge updates to 2.8.0 by following the steps described here: Troubleshooting guide for the automatic Bridge updates

Thanks for your reply.

It looks like I have a old Bridge HW Revision and the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0. So the latest Firmware for the bridge is 1.18.2 right? I have 1.18.1 right now. Do you think updating to 1.18.2 will help fix the above issue?

I did /fwupdate and did not do anymore HTTP for any hour . Also tried to leave it overnight with HTTP disabled. Both did not update.

After several tries with /fwupdate, the bridge now updated to 1.18.2. The problem with continuous status updates is till present. Any clue where it could be lying? Is there any incompatibility between Nuki 2.0 and first hardware revision of Nuki bridge. It could be an unrelated problem, but I get constant 503 error as well.

I observed something new in between. I have two networks at home. If I connect the bridge to one network it doesn’t seem to misbehave, but with the other one it does.

Network 1: The network which work:

  • has Fritzbox 7530 router; 2.5Ghz/5Hhz enabled with same SSID; DHCP is ON
  • is directly connected to the internet with DSL (100Mbps UP/40Mbps DOWN)
  • has no other devices connected (as this is not my primary and preferred network)
  • Bridge has HTTP enabled
  • Bridge gets dynamic IP with DHCP

Network 2: The network which does not work:

  • has Fritzbox 7590 router; 2.5Ghz/5Hhz enabled with same SSID; DHCP is OFF
  • is connected to a pfSense gateway-box which has DHCP server running (the pfSense box is connected to Fritzbox 7530 above)
  • has all other devices connected
  • Bridge has HTTP enabled
  • Bridge has DHCP ON, but gets fixed IP from DHCP of pfSense

The bridge behaves as expected with both networks except that with “Network 2” it sends constant http callback updates (with exactly the same states).

Could you please tell me the conditions at which the callback is invoked? There seems to be something in there that appears for the bridge as a state change, but indeed it is not. It is very tough to troubleshoot this looking at the router and gateway settings, as all other devices functions as expected with my primary network (Network 2 above).