Bridge Beta FW 1.18.x / 2.9.x with automatic firmware update capabilities

With the latest Beta firmware version 1.18.x / 2.9.x you can now test following new experimental features:

  • Automatically receive firmware updates for all connected Nuki devices and the Bridge itself (experimental)
    • The Bridge checks once a day automatically for available updates for all connected devices and the Bridge itself. If an update is available for a connected Nuki device, it is going to be automatically installed between 02:00 and 04:00 a.m.
  • Manually trigger an immediate update check and installation for all connected Nuki device and the Bridge itself (experimental)
    • The immediate update can be manually initiated by utilizing the already existing /fwupdate endpoint of the HTTP API - check below for further details

Supported devices and versions

  • Currently only available for the Nuki Bridges (FW 1.18.x / 2.9.x)
  • The automatic update is supported by following Nuki devices:
    • Smart Lock 1.0, running the firmware 1.10.x or newer
    • Smart Lock 2.0, running the firmware 2.8.x or newer
    • Nuki Opener, running the firmware 1.5.x or newer


  • Any running update process is immediately stopped in case the Bridge receives any command, to ensure the basic functionality and availability of all connected Nuki devices
    • e.g. if an user remotely sends a unlock command to the door
    • if an automatic update is interrupted, it is reinitiated on the next day
  • It may happen, that it takes up to 48 hours to get a new firmware version installed onto the connected Nuki device, as the Bridge only checks once per day for new/available updates

Extension of the /fwupdate endpoint in the HTTP API

New optional parameters
Parameter Description Allowed values
scope Flag indicating, which devices shall be updated to the latest firmware version (if available and applicable). 0… all devices (Bridge and all connected devices)
1… Bridge only
2… Connected devices only
(defaults to 0)
nukiID The ID of the Nuki device, which should be updated to the latest firmware version (if available and applicable) nukiID of a connected Nuki device - as decimal or hexadecimal number
deviceType Nuki device type see Device Types
(defaults to 0)
All devices (bridge and all connected nuki devices)

Bridge only - scope = 1

Connected nuki devices only = 2

Specific nuki device only

Note: The Bridge will always return “success”: true regardless to whether an update is available for any of the devices or any update is succesfully installed or not!

The update will be done automatically if your Bridge is part of the Beta program.

Please test it out and give us your feedback!


Bridge 1.0

Bridge 1.0 Beta 1.18.0

  • Initial version

Bridge 1.0 Beta 1.18.1

  • Performance improvements

Bridge 2.0

Bridge 2.0 Beta 2.9.0

  • Initial version

Hello Stefan,

when the “Automatically receive firmware updates” is released, will this be an opt-in feature, or an opt-out feature, or always on without possibility to disable?

My question targets to the reasonableness to implement the /fwupdate feature to our Nuki gateway.
If the automatic update is anyhow “always-on” without way to disable it, I wouldn’t see any requirement for me to add a button for manual firmware update.
But if it is opt-in or opt-out, an update button might be a nice feature for our users.




Original post has been updated with release notes for Bridge 1.0 Beta 1.18.1 .

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Original post has been updated with the release notes and the extension for Bridge 2.0 Beta 2.9.0 .

The version number 2.9.x the same as the “firmwareVersion” or the “wifiFirmwareVersion” from the /info Endpoint?
I have firmwareVersion=2.9.1 and wifiFirmwareVersion=2.2.0, now I don’t know whether it is too old or too new - because I can’t find a 2.9.1 here

The stated version 2.9.x refers to the “firmwareVersion”.

The firmware versions of your Bridge are already covering this feature.