Update Lock Firmware via Bridges/Nuki Web

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock / Nuki Bridge


Make it possible to update lock firmware without being on site, i.e. via Nuki Web & bridges.


  • Nuki Web should show current and newest available firmware versions, along with a button to start the update
  • Nuki Web should inform me via e-mail when a new firmware update is available
  • As soon as the button is hit, the lock updates on its own without the admin having to be on site
  • Warn the user that if the firmware update fails, the lock may end up being unresponsive and may require physical interaction


We have a setup with seven locks in a rather large building - updating firmwares on all of them is a bit of a hassle. I am aware of the security implications, but it would probably be worth it for us. If Nuki strives for larger installations, this could be an important enabler.


  • From my desk, trigger and monitor firmware updates across the whole building.

Sadly I can’t vote for this feature request (it’s stupid to limit the votes so extremely if nearly none of the feature requests get implemented), but I think this is a very important feature.
I also have 5 smartlocks to manage and it’s a long tour to walk to every lock. Especially since the last two updates needed many attempts for each lock to transfer the update.


There should also be an endpoint like /fwupdateAvailable, that returns true if there are newer versions. This way, any smarthome automation can create notification triggers as soon as new fw is available. So we users don’t have to check for new fw in the nuki app explicit.


Please implement this feature!!

I manage one of my flats remotely during most part of the year, so having a smart lock makes total sense, as I can grant access when I am not there. Having to be physically present to trigger a firmware update defeats the whole purpose of having a smart lock.

If there are issues a firmware update will fix, I cannot access to the fix because I cannot trigger the update remotely.

Please check out the latest experimental feature:

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This sounds awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Beta bridges (and don’t really want to), so I cannot test myself, but anyways, thanks a lot for picking it up! I am very much looking forward for it to hit production.

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