The integration with AirBNB is great and saves a lot of time and trouble.
Is there a possibility for a similar integration with
Thank you.


Any news on this topic? I’m also very interested in an integration of


A direct integration into Booking is not as straightforward as with Airbnb, as their flow is based around a (hotel-standard) “room-contingent” booking instead of “booking a certain apartment”. But we are still working on further solutions with partners like the one announced last month:

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I created a feature request for it: Code-Creation (Integration) for

Please vote!


Hi Stephan, is there any way to create an unofficial workaround until there is a good solution for that?


Could it be feasible to create an account user for a specific period via the Nuki Web API?
I’m thinking this flow:

  • script checks calendar (which is very easy, it’s a simple ical file);
  • there is a booking coming and we are in the period when we can generate codes (3 days before, 7 days before, whatever)
  • script connects to Nuki Web via API and creates the user for the timeframe specified in the calendar and emails the code to me

What i don’t know is how to get the generated code, since it’s impossible to view them after creation, well, you can see it once, but then it’s gone. It would be easier maybe with the keypad? I’m thinking that would be easier, since Operto for instance does the same thing and creates codes ONLY for Nuki systems that have a keypad.

Thank you.

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You can create Authorizations via Web API by first creating a user (with e-mail) and then the authoration-creation will trigger a default Nuki invite e-mail for the Nuki device. (see Web API Example: Create a key for your Nuki Smart Lock)

And yes, creating a Keypad code (as Operto does) is easier, as you can set the code yourself (if not already used) and then can send it out via the channel of your choice.

@Stefan The idea suggested by @Johannes_De_Silentio would be the best workaround (though not easy to do without knowledge of APIs).
I am not sure if this woule be feasable for you.

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Sounds like there is a possibility :+1:
I am not a programmer but @Johannes_De_Silentio I would be very thankful if you could share it with me if you could manage to create a working solution :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Ist seems that my Platform manager Smoobu is interessted in developing a Support for Nuki. So the creation of Keypad Codes can be done in one solution for Mandy Booking platforms!

Looking forward for a Smoobu-Nuki solution!!!

Please tell if it works.

Hi there, I’m actually coding a unoffical workaround which will work for as well as all the other platforms! Write me a message, if you’re interested. I think it could go live in 3-4 weeks. But I’m open for everyone who is interested in beta testing :wink:


Ciao @jenniferdeigendesch sono interessato alla tua funzione non ufficiale. Sarei grato poter partecipare al beta tester. Grazie

Actually the first version will only available for the german timezone. But later I will add all the others.
But please, can you write in english?

Hi Jennifer,

this is Ralf from Germany. I´d love to use the integration to How can I do this?

Cheers, Ralf.

Hi Jennifer,

I am from the Netherlands and very interested in your work, could you let me know if you have more details soon?


Hi Ralf, sorry didn’t recognize your message! Just find me on Facebook with my full name and then I can send you a link if you want to try beta testing already :wink:

Hi there, of yours. Actually it’s for the german timezone, but netherlands has the same time :wink: So as soon as the beta testing is done, I let you all know here in this topic.

Hi I am also intrested in this. Can I start testing?

Hi Tam, it’s not in the beta test anymore :wink: You can find more informations about it here:
Actually it’s only in german, but the codes will also be sent to the guests in english.
If you have any questions, just tell me :slight_smile:

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I’m interested :slight_smile: